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Amazing! Take a look at this incredible eyeliner pictorial by @nubiabrown using Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress:
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@ameliasantos10 now my new dp, its an older pic but i love this pic b/c my gf did my make up and it was perfect, not to heavy or to eye make up was superb!! (*_*)
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@cheerfucallie you have never tried gel???? you should totally give it a try dear! like @ameliasantos said it might be even easier with gel than liquid too!
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@lillyann hard to believe but no ive never tried gel. i dont really wear make up unless i have too!? if i do wear make up, i keep it simple....bare mineral powder, mascara and lip gloss...but if im going out then i do doll up and i do my best to do my eye make up, lolz
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Them eyebrows doe >_< hahahahaha
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@cheerfulcallie sorry dear for replying so late! well eyeliner could also be part of the basic! and well you can simply put a little bit just so it doesn’t look too much! @relinashinee i know! hahaha it probably stands out more the curve is like perfect!
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