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I'm not to huge on colors and most of my wardrobes are dark but I thought this was extremely cute. I also wanted to share this with you @imliz
@onesmile @strawberrychip @imliz @ameliasantos10 and @lillyann im glad you ladies like the outfit and yeah, im not huge on color but i see what everyone is saying too its neutral indeed, so this a plus for me...ill definitely find something like this to mimic... lillyann, i wish i knew but i dont know where the shoes came from :(
i am totally loving the turquoise touch in this outfit! i am sorry to ask but @cheerfulcallie where is the shoes from?
@cheerfulcallie totally agree with all the others about how you this is adorable and you should totally give it a try! i mean it's a nice semi-casual and all of them look pretty comfortable too!~ and i bet it will look great with your hair down or up!
@cheerfulcallie super cute!!
I love the pop of color those heels give to the outfit !
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