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I'm not to huge on colors and most of my wardrobes are dark but I thought this was extremely cute. I also wanted to share this with you @imliz
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@onesmile @strawberrychip @imliz @ameliasantos10 and @lillyann im glad you ladies like the outfit and yeah, im not huge on color but i see what everyone is saying too its neutral indeed, so this a plus for me...ill definitely find something like this to mimic... lillyann, i wish i knew but i dont know where the shoes came from :(
@cheerfulcallie i mean it's summer so it's going to be so much better to wear neutral tone rather than dark because you will be fried! if you wear dark colour these days hahahah or you should go with like white colour and just jeans?? so it looks more refreshing for the summer :)
@cheerfulcallie yes @ameliasantos10 dark clothes are gonna make us roast!!! haha I need to get some more neutrals, too
@ameliasantos10 and @onesmile i do wear neutral colors like white but not too often. i know my friends and family tell me all the time i need some color in my life, lolz
@onesmile yes you might want to start looking for neutral colour before you get roasted! because i also have to do the same thing !! i have been wearing dark colour still and well.. that is not working out very well for me! @cheerfulcallie yes sis! you need to bring some colour in your life! it's summer time :D