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This is a simple move, with an incredible calming effect. Do not force yourself into this move if you aren't flexible. Even after years of yoga practice I can't touch my forehead to my knees. Stay in your comfort zone. "STEP 1: Start with the Mountain Pose. STEP 2: Bend your knees, support your upper body with a straight lower back, and slowly bend forward so that your belly touches your upper legs. Maintain the position of your lower back or else your chest will sink. Move your pelvis, taking the back as the starting point, relax your groins, and keep your weight on the front parts of your heels. STEP 3: Keep breathing correctly through your belly and slowly stretch your chest to the knees without losing the support of your lower back. Stretch your legs everytime you exhale. Your pelvis moves upward from the back until your legs are eventually stretched. Touch the ground or grab your ankles. Stretch downward from your crown and when you have grabbed your ankles, use a slight stretching force to lengthen the body. - Important! If you lose the supportive power of the lower back during the exercise, you lose a major part of its effect. As a result, your chest will sink, making your breathing irregular. Also, stretching will not be effective. - Now, stand up straight again and jump back to Tadasana. Bear in mind that you perform this forward bend through relaxation and not through force by pulling your feet with physical strength. When you pull too hard, the body stiffens, your thinking and breathing will be affected and worst of all, you run a risk of injuring yourself."