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[ Trio Joubran ] - L'Obstinée II
@cityofkyle listening to this; it's marvelous arabic music :))))
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@hannou this is beautiful! Is there a particular reason why the title is in French? French influence perhaps?
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@peteryang292 I hve no idea just Le Trio Joubran is a traditional music group formed in 2004 in Palestine. It is composed of three Joubran brothers playing the oud and L'Obstinée II or The Last Flight's english name....
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Interesting. From what I've seen here on Vingle, Arabic music has such a rich and beautiful repertoire and yet I haven't heard too much of it before. Wish more people knew about this kind of music, it's very special! Do you speak French, by the way? @hannou
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@peteryang292 yes I can speak frensh fluently... is the second language in my country ...
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