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Heavenly Hummus Wrap First, get a big ol’ tortilla ready. Spinach tortillas make the wrap really pretty, but you can use a regular or whole wheat tortilla if you prefer! Now, this is totally optional, but this is how the tortilla was prepared for the wrap that I scarfed down in the hotel: I just set it on a grill pan over medium heat for a minute or so, until it got nice grill marks on one side. It’s important, though, not to crisp the tortilla at all—you still need it to be soft and pliable! You could also just throw it into a skillet for 30-45 seconds or so. Same difference! Then just set the tortilla to the side and let it cool. Next, slice up a medium red onion. Melt 1 teeny tiny tablespoon—and that doesn’t really make sense, because a tablespoon is a tablespoon. It really isn’t a question of degree—in a skillet over medium-low heat. Add onions and cook them low and slow, stirring occasionally for a good 10 to 15 minutes, until they’re soft and slightly caramelized. Then just turn off the heat and set them aside to cool slightly. Next, get the other ingredients ready! Grab a jar of roasted red peppers, take out one of the peppers and slice it into strips. Then slice 2 or 3 artichoke hearts in half. (I also used a paper towel to gently squeeze the excess liquid out of the hearts because I think they taste better if you do.) Ggrab some feta cheese and use a fork to break it into chunks. I really prefer feta cheese that comes in a block rather than already broken into chunks. It seems fresher and, for some reason, more mild than its crumbly counterpart. The very last thing you need is hummus! Grab a big ol’ spoonful, Schmear it down the middle third of the tortilla, Then start laying on all the stuff! Now just slice it in half and enjoy!"
I live for hummus. I don't think I've seen spinach tortillas in my usual grocery stores, but now I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.
So glad I browsed around and found this recipe--so many of my favorite foods in one wrap! Thanks, @pipeline!
@Sjeanyoon I didn't really like artichokes for awhile until one day I cooked them differently. Now I love them! @caricakes There are all sorts of tortillas that are just great, I'm sure they will be somewhere near the spinach tortillas
I actually don't like artichokes (sorry @Nisfit) so I might make this with a few changes :)
I knew I'd like this recipe because I love hummus but now I LOVE this recipe because of the artichoke hearts.
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