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i love dis video nd song sooo much fun 2 listen 2 and is sang nd performed by a pakistani singer Ali Zafa rwho is acting nd singing in bollywood bcs i am paki i feel proud this song definitely shows our(paki indian) party style thats how we party in all ages w everyone the whole family nd its just soo much more funn when u can party w ur whole family and all generation it doesn't matter young old its just soo much fun enjoy <3 <3 i love it you can def be addicted 2 dis song
Oh and I'll add it to my World party playlist! hehe I think it's a right fit for that collection =)
Great song! Peter's right, it will help users when they search for Bollywood / Indian music! Thanks for sharing this! Going to listen to it on my way home =D
@saharhyunjoong this is such a fun song! I agree, definitely one to party and dance to. Thanks for publishing it in world music! Excited to see what others think. To make it easier for others to read and find, might I suggest shortening the title of the card? =)