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Why to start a business in Delaware

The United States of America is the leading economy of the world and it is known across the world for promoting entrepreneurship and supporting businesses. There are many states in the United States who are more favorable to the businesses than other states. They enact pro business laws and give various types of tax relaxations etc to attract businesses to their respective states. This has benefited the states and they succeeded in attracting more businesses than other states.

Delaware is one of the leading states which have succeeded in attracting more businesses than other states. Delaware has remarkable achievement of being home to more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies in the United States of America. This state also has more than 50 percent of large publicly traded companies. As per the website of Delaware Secretary of State, Delaware is home to more than 900,000 business entities.

Delaware has an impression of being pro business for quite a long time and has succeeded in attracting such huge numbers of Fortune 500 and large publicly traded companies in the United States of America. It has succeeded in being very pro business because it has enacted many laws which support businesses and motivate entrepreneurs to start their business in the state.

Delaware Division of Corporations is very organized and well managed state agency with a huge team of well trained and experienced professionals having significant experience in business formations and incorporations. They provide better business and customer friendly services than many similar agencies in the United States. They offer more options to file company filings than most of other states. They are one of the very few states which will accept company filings through facsimile to speed up the process of LLC formation. Delaware registered agent or best registered agent in Delaware can guide the companies who are looking to register their companies in the state.

Delaware’s court of Chancery: Delaware court of Chancery is recognized as the United States’ pre-eminent forum for determination of business disputes. It is almost 210 year old business court which has written most of the US corporate case laws. The unique feature of this court system is that it does not use juries but use only judges who are appointed for their expertise and experience in corporate laws. Many companies and businesses prefer to use Delaware registered agents and best registered agent in Delaware to avail these benefits and advantages and state tax benefits offered by the state of Delaware.

Entrepreneurs and people intend to take maximum benefits of Delaware’s many pro business laws like:

- Businesses are motivated by Delaware’s law of no state corporate tax on the interest of other investment income.
- Delaware has no tax on business transactions.
- Delaware has no state sales tax.
- No ad valorem or value added taxes in the state of Delaware
- Delaware has no taxes on capital share or stock transfer
- The state of Delaware has no inheritance tax on stocks of Delaware corporations operating outside of Delaware and held by non residents of Delaware.
- The state of Delaware allows a single person to be President, Secretary and Treasurer of a corporation.
- Directors of a corporation are allowed to change corporate bylaws.
- The state of Delaware allows non US citizens to be stockholders of corporations.
- As per the law of state of Delaware, liability of a shareholder of a Delaware corporation is limited to the value of stocks held in a corporation and the corporate tax.