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@dramacrazy i think i have gone through like 5 Harry Potter marathons.. it's like my summer ritual! sometimes when it's too hot to go outside.. i just stay in and watch harry potter! @mrjockx well it we are probably burning calories some how as we sit there so i see no difference between a running marathon and series marathon :D hahah
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started watching nurse jackie 2 weeks ago and im already caught up to the current 7 season lol @ ameliasantos10
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@mrjockx i totally understand that feeling hahahah when my friend recommends me a new series and i fall for it ... and when i tell them that I already caught up they are always like .. "do you not go out?" haha
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@ameliasantos10, my summer ritual is BOF
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@dramacrazy well BOF kind of come into my ritual too sometimes... i guess all i do during the summer is just movie marathon hahahaha
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