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Top 10 Commencement Speeches According to Time

I'm really honored and humbled to say that I was selected to be the student speaker at the UCLA Department of Communication Studies Class of 2014 Commencement Ceremony! It took me a long time to write a meaningful and exciting speech that will hopefully be worth listening to. I found this really great list of fantastic commencement speeches given by some pretty famous people. The following is from the #1 speech by David Foster Wallace: "'Learning how to think' really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed." I hope I can be as good as these guys! 1) David Foster Wallace, Kenyon, 2005 2) Steve Jobs, Stanford, 2005 3) Conan O'Brien, Harvard (Class Day), 2000 4) Russell Baker, Connecticut College, 1995 5) Winston Churchill, Harrow School, 1941 6) George Marshall, Harvard, 1947 7) John F. Kennedy, American University, 1963 8) Bradley Whitford, Wisconsin, 2006 9) Barbara Kingsolver, Duke, 2008 10) Stephen Colbert, Knox College, 2006
Well said @cityofkyle you're lucky to have had a professor who knew to share this advice; not all teachers are ready to show their students things that will actually enhance their lives. Why do we learn, if we aren't going to be affected by what we learn?
@amog32 very well said. It's often difficult though to uncover where our beliefs, thoughts and emotions come from especially if we are trying to do it ourselves. Moving beyond our biases and our subjectivity can be hard, but once you do, it's incredible what you can accomplish and how your mind can open up to the world
Congratulations @cityofkyle I'm sure you will be fantastic!
Wallace definitely has some unique ideas; I didnt know he had spoken at a commencement before. His idea that being conscious of how you think about things defines you is really very true. Without understanding your own ideas and convictions, how can you know anything about yourself?
I absolutely loved hearing Steve Jobs's commencement address. He's a great story teller and gave a really inspirational speech
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Hello, I'm a Korean Anchorman. I hope that my Happy Voice could be helpful for those who want to learn Korean language. ※ If you want to listen daily Happy News, just leave comments. I will tag and you can get notice. ※ I will try to upload Happy News everyday 11 p.m(Korean time). @danidee @christy 엎드려 수업 듣는 여대생…“꿈 포기할 수 없어” 사고로 지체장애 3급 판정을 받은 한 여대생이자신의 꿈을 펼치기 위해 엎드려서 수업을 받고 있다고 합니다. 단국대 4학년 서이화씨인데요, 그 열정. 해피뉴스가 응원합니다! 방송통신위원회, TV 통합시청점유율 조사 7월 시범실시 TV 통합시청점유율 조사가 7월부터 시범적으로 시작됩니다. PC나 스마트폰 등을 통한 방송시청도 반영되는 건데요, 좀 더 정확한 시청률이 나올 것 같습니다. '국민타자' 이승엽, 한일통산 2천400안타 달성 삼성 라이온즈의 이승엽이 한일통산 2천400안타를 달성했습니다. 아~ 이승엽 선수.. 정말 국민타자라고 불린만한데요, 기분 좋은 소식이네요. 엑소 2집, 빌보드 앨범차트 95위…男가수 최고 기록 엑소의 정규2집 엑소더스가 미국 빌보드 앨범차트에서 95위를 차지했습니다. 국내 남자 가수로는 최고 순위인데요, 앞으로 더 기대됩니다. 김준수, 아시아투어 마쳐…"7개 도시 15만명 관람" JYJ의 김준수가 아시아 투어 콘서트를 성황리에 마쳤습니다. 7개 도시에서 14번의 공연을 했는데요, 무려 15만명이 관람했다고 합니다. 에픽하이, 북미 투어 나선다…6개 도시 공연 그룹 에픽하이가 북미 순회공연에 나섭니다. 다음 달부터 미국과 캐나다에서 콘서트를 하는데요, 기다려온 팬분들에겐 정말 해피뉴습니다. 내일은 전해드릴 수 있는 해피 뉴스가 좀 더 많았으면 좋겠습니다. 오늘 해피 뉴스는 여기까집니다. 고맙습니다. Happy News Happy World
How to Get Admission at First Moscow State Medical University?
First Moscow State Medical University is one of the largest and oldest universities of MBBS in Russia. The university was established in 1755 and located in Moscow, Russia. The university was also known as I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. It has been recognised by WHO, NMC, UNESCO, and other medical bodies. It is one of the renowned medical universities which has been offering medical education for more than 200 years and giving top medical professionals to the world. The university has top-class faculty who are professionally trained and give proper guidance to the students. It has top-class infrastructure which has a library, research & training building, hospitals, high-tech surgeries and provides world-class education to the students. First Moscow State Medical University offers the course in the English language for the 6 years of the program. It is the top-ranked university of MBBS in Russia. First Moscow State Medical University has 38th rank in the country according to 4ICU. It is the university that offers an affordable fee structure for the MBBS program. The university fee is USD 70,800 for the 6 years of the program which include tuition fees, hostel fees, and other charges. First Moscow State Medical University offers courses in general medicine, pharmacy, paediatrics, dentistry, and preventive medicine. The university has the best accommodation facility which provides the best amenities to the students at the hostel. Eligibility Criteria Of First Moscow State Medical University Age: The minimum age of the candidate is 17 years on the year of admission. Academic Qualification: The student needs to qualify the 10+2 from the recognised institute with 50% marks and for the reserved category it is 40% marks. Exam: For Indian students, it is compulsory to qualify for the NEET exam for admission. Admission at First Moscow State Medical University The university has an easy admission procedure where students don’t need to give an entrance test for admission. Students who qualify for the eligibility criteria can appear directly for admission and register themselves online. In case you face any difficulty while the admission procedure students can directly contact our expert team for guidance. Read More: NMC or MCI Approved Medical Colleges List | MBBS Admission Abroad
10 Steps of Writing a Great Research Paper
From my experience, college students write at least one research paper before graduating. Composing a perfect paper, or other long papers like thesis and term papers could be stressful, especially if you have never done it before. I'll offer you some writing insights for free, that will make you a pro researcher.  Research writing has proven to be challenging among college students, but with a little practice, it can become an important part of our academic and professional toolkit.  Without wasting any time, let's get directly to the 10 basic steps that you need to follow to write a strong research paper that guarantees you good marks and the right experience.  The Research Writing Process  1. Familiarize yourself with the Task  Before you start writing your research paper, or any other work, be sure of what the professor or instructor is asking for. It may seem obvious, but it's very important. Not reading instructions is one of the main reasons why students receive low marks.  For instance, the instructions may require you to select a topic from the professor's list. If you skip this and find your own topic, despite being interesting, the instructor may as well ask you to mark it yourself. For sure, is that what you were supposed to write about?  You may, however, request the professor to approve your topic. Follow the instructions carefully, and ask where you're unsure.  2. Topic Selection is Key Finding a research topic is one of the most fundamental aspects of research writing. According to SmartWrite, there are at least five basics factors of a research paper topic - it should be interesting, manageable, not overexploited, approved by the instructor, and lastly, consider the availability of research materials.  However, you must follow the professor's guidelines to help pick a suitable topic. Make sure the subject you're exploring is in line with your course or profession.  Here are some topic selection tips: 3. Research This is the main goal of any research paper - to engage in research, present findings, analyze them, and conclude - offering relevant recommendations and solutions to address the research problem. Be sure that the professor will be examining your researching skills.  Different people will research for a paper in different ways. Nonetheless, it's fundamental to be focused.  While researching, you should consider skimming - you don't have to read all the research materials at the beginning. Scheme through the materials to see if they could contain the information you're looking for. You should also find reliable resources. Don't ignore any crucial information - whether it's in support or against your topic.  4. Organize your Research Finding relevant research information is not enough - you need to present your findings in an organized manner. Your content should flow. The structure of your research proposal or project may vary depending on the course or professor's instructions.  You may require to turn in a bibliography with your research paper. Again, you need to be sure of what the assignment is all about. Check if the instructor has highlighted the key elements that you should focus on while writing your research paper. 5. Thesis Formulation By now, you should have understood the research topic, already selected a relevant topic, and researched. Now, you need to formulate a thesis - a statement answering the question, what is your research paper about? Whether your paper argues or not, you need a thesis statement.  6. It's Time to Create an Outline The outline highly depends on your assignment. For instance, an outline for an argumentative research paper may vary from the one for descriptive research. Have you checked if the professor asked you to turn in an outline? In such a case, by failing to do so, be sure you'd lose some marks. If you a lucky the professor may ask you to turn in the outline within some specified time. Be sure to follow the given guideline.  An outline helps you to be organized while writing your research paper - it ensures you remain focused and follows the instructions. Assign more word count to the sections that have more weight. After all, you're aiming for the highest marks, right?  7. Now, Write  Finally, it's time to actually write your paper. You may feel like you have wasted much time in the previous steps, but believe me, the work you have done will help you write a strong, interesting, and clear paper.  Please note that this is not the time to find the perfect words or grammar for your paper (not yet). You will have a chance to edit and proofread your writing in the later steps. For now, focus on writing, with the thesis statement, instructions, and outline in mind.  8. Edit your Content  Congratulations on writing your research paper on time. Now, get back to work. Your research paper is not yet ready to be turned in. But relax, you're not being told to redo the work - I know it's hectic - just a few amendments.  In the previous step, you weren't supposed to worry about perfection, but now you do. Think about the structure, organization, wording, and length. It's clear that you organized your paper based on the outline, does it really make sense? If it does, kudos! If not, why not make some changes? You still have time, right? But don't procrastinate.  This is a good point to refer back to the first step, does your paper follow the instructions? If not, where can you bring in the missing pieces? Read through your content and check if you can make the paper clearer.  Make sure your paper is well-cited to avoid losing marks. Failure to reference your work counts as plagiarism.  9. Grammar Editing  By now, you are sure that your research paper has followed the professor's instructions, is well organized and detailed, and is as clear as possible.  Some many materials and resources can help here. Have you heard of any proofreading websites? I'm not saying Grammarly or ProWriting Aid, but freelance writers who polish your papers in minutes?  You may need to take a break, between writing your content and editing for grammar. It may help you to get more focused, and improve your ability to identify and correct grammatical errors.  10. Re-read your Paper and Submit  Now that you have finished the 9 basic steps, it's time to take a break. Truly, you serve it. A day later (or a few hours if you don't have much time), you can read the print copy of your work. At this stage, you may identify some errors that you could have missed while reading your screen version.  If you are sure your research paper contains all information and is error-free, it's time to submit it.  Now, there are the 10 basic steps to follow while writing your research paper. You may also want to learn How to Write a Research Proposal and the 9 Different Types of Essays.
What is the Fee Structure of Kazan Federal University?
Kazan Federal University is one of the best medical universities which was established in 1804 and located in Kazan, Russia. The university is known as the birthplace of Organic Chemistry & Electron Spin Resonance. The university is offering a quality of education for more than 200 years and has given top doctors to the world. The university has been recognised by EUA, IAU, EURAS and other medical organisations. It is one of the leading universities of MBBS in Russia where numerous students want to get admission. It is the world-leading university for medical education which provides specialization in different fields and students have wide options to choose from according to their interest and preference. The university offers courses in English and Russian language. Kazan Federal University has stop class infrastructure which is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, computer labs, library, hostel, and other facilities for the students. It has the largest library in Russia and is open to all foreign students. The university has an easy admission procedure without any entrance test students need to qualify the eligibility criteria which has been issued by the university for each student. The criteria have an age limit, academic qualification, and NEET exam to be qualified by the Indian students for admission. It has a high passing percentage for the FMGE exam and they get proper training for the exam by the expert teachers. Kazan Federal University has 5th ranking in the country and is one of the renowned colleges of MBBS study in Russia. Kazan Federal University has separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls. It has the best hostel facilities for the students where they provide a fully furnished room with a bed, cu[pboard, desk, and attached washroom available in the room. It has other common facilities for the students like gym, pool, kitchen, laundry, medical, security, cafeteria, cultural activities and many more are offered to the students at the university Kazan Federal University Fees Structure: The universities offer a cost-effective fee for the MBBS program and it is the top reason for international students to choose this university for MBBS in Russia. Kazan Federal University fees has been discussed below:
[2015-04-16] 1st Happy News
Hello, I'm a Korean Anchorman. I hope that my Happy Voice could be helpful for those who want to learn Korean language. ※ If you want to listen daily Happy News, just leave comments. I will tag and you can get notice. ※ I will try to upload Happy News everyday 11~12p.m(Korean time). @danidee @christy @jiggzy19 길 잃은 지적장애인, 28년 만에 어머니 찾아 5살 때 가족과 헤어진 지적장애인이 28년 만에 어머니를 찾았습니다. 임씨는 놀이터에서 길을 잃은 뒤 가족과 헤어졌는데요, 최근에 임씨의 어머니가 유전자 등록을 하면서 DNA 대조가 이뤄졌다고 합니다. Happy News Happy World @hululup @dhsm1028 @hunger18 @jwon0807 @glxy238 @SongMiji @sjparkdct @helloje @ljg352 @chopinjy @mukaeby @ange1111 @ahxhzl621 @wogus7407 @nayaayji @zbrc @liloc11 @yjm9621 @jungmin2005 @KiyoungSung95 @stsopie @dbtmdfl33 @Snowdrops @kimbyungyeon @nasknask @HaEl2030 @yeoidoboy @woosam68 @galaxy5 @hyuninglove @ssh0205 @christianos @chanel7250 @jinijini7272 @JuhukAn @istmary @toughgirl @seunghee0122 @dlwhdgur83 @kkulmat @rradiant @NewstarKim @willowhyun @chichitoto @halo2372 @applesm33 @wef7532 @kthw0920 @cecina @oddf @jshbj10 @ssong0v @rinachoi779 @Bora1121 @JiyeonGhim @tahoc0504 @nn880808 @arsjarsj1 @hee334433444 @SeongchanYeo @FOX777 @mku92 @renyu1 @gusdud2100 @dudge961122 @youngin77 @britney99y @dreamian2000 @bignangja @KimHyeYeon @lej6136 @danmidanmi @shinchh @jhkim2857 @swbae12 @HYESUNHA @sarafina @HanwhaV2 @shihzhu @maerye @1107phj @joje87 @msj508 @sw010202 @lianhua @kimuh06911 @rlawlgp916 @bongbong09 @seong2k @MinjaSin @seni7410 @shine82 @sjc715 @vennass @luckytonado @KhanYang @insuk1948 @medirons @onlyhandsome @byun6560 @nanajisu @chloe070607 @rejoice214 @pjuho1945 @JerryL @suhhyogeun @jhkim2857 @tmdgjs5555 @hothand11 @elley0328 @fcuk @GayoungKim1989
How to Improve Your Writing Skills Complete Guide - 2021
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[2015-04-08] Happy News
Hello, I'm a Korean Anchorman. I hope that my Happy Voice could be helpful for those who want to learn Korean language. ※ If you want to listen daily Happy News, just leave comments. I will tag and you can get notice. ※ I will try to upload Happy News everyday 11 p.m(Korean time). @danidee 세계문화유산 수원 화성 "순라군이 지킨다" 세계문화유산이죠, 수원 화성을 순찰하는 군인이 배치됐습니다. 관람객들과 사진도 찍어준다고 해서 제가 오늘 가봤는데요, 멋지더라구요. 남산골 한옥마을, 시각장애인용 GPS 오디오가이드 제공 서울 남산골 한옥마을이 시각장애인을 위한 GPS 오디오 가이드 단말기를 제공합니다. 배우 김보성씨가 목소리 기부로 참여했다고 합니다. 한국 여자축구 대표팀, 러시아와의 2차전에서도 2-0 완승 한국 여자 축구 대표팀이 러시아와의 평가 2차전에서 2-0 완승을 거뒀습니다. 오는 6월 개막하는 여자 월드컵이 기대됩니다. 추신수, 2루타로 첫 안타 신고…텍사스도 첫승 텍사스 레인저스의 추신수가 시즌 첫 안타를 2루타로 장식했습니다. 텍사스는 오클랜드를 3-1로 제압하고 시즌 첫 승을 올렸습니다. 30년 전 헤어진 母子, 파출소장 도움으로 극적 상봉 30년 전에 헤어진 어머니와 딸이 경찰관의 도움으로 극적으로 만났다고 합니다. 경북 청송경찰서 박휘섭 진보파출소장인데요, 소장님 사랑합니다. 소녀시대, 도쿄돔 공연 실황 DVD 오리콘 차트 싹쓸이 '소녀시대'가 도쿄 돔 공연실황을 담은 DVD로 일본 오리콘 주간 차트 3개 부문을 휩쓸었습니다. 소녀시대는 역시 소녀시대입니다. 내일은 전해드릴 수 있는 해피 뉴스가 좀 더 많았으면 좋겠습니다. 오늘 해피 뉴스는 여기까집니다. 고맙습니다. Happy News Happy Worldt/plain