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Have you seen this cover of Iggy Azalea's track "Fancy"? This guy has to be the coolest dad EVER! I wonder if my traditional, 60 year old Chinese dad would do something like this with me haha >.<
pretty cool.....btw you should do one, why not? i think your dad would totally rock it, (*_*)
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this makes me regret that my dad and I never recorded our car covers! However we attempted to sing, and no one needs to hear that. These two have style-espeically with those hats
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@onesmile haha aww at least you have the memories of those covers! @cheerfulcallie LOL I don't know about that. He'd have to learn a full English song before he can even attempt to rap it haha
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@peteryang292 i dont want to see your dad do a rap song, i rather see him do a turkish song, lolz
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@cheerfulcallie TURKISH?? haha my dad barely speaks English lol, Turkish would be alien to him lol
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