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Latest door design for your trendy space

Renovating your space always sounds like a fun idea, whether it is your home space or workspace. The smallest of details in renovating your space can make a difference and brighten up your space. And while we talk about details, we don't give much attention to our doors. Did you know that having a trendy door design can also add so much to your space without being too loud for anyone’s taste?
There are so many door designs that can level up your renovating game and here are some designs that you might like for your new space or even an old one to replace it with.
1. Slide Door
A sliding door is most suitable for an interior door. It significantly saves up space and also visually expands the space, unlike other doors that swing open like a hinged door and can take up space. Slide doors are elegant and convenient and allow more light into your place more than any other door design.

2. Hinge door
Hinge doors are perfect for an outer door. They can swing inwards or outwards according to the way it has been designed. Hinge doors are the classic door design that is made up of sturdy materials such as ply, wood or metal. There will be many wooden door manufacturers in Delhi that will make a strong hinge door with your choice of design on them.

3. Fibreglass and fibre cement
Fibreglass and fibre cement are the upcoming door designs that are convenient, low maintenance and are strong like a wooden door. It is one of the most time tested material materials and its appearance is also woodlike. These doors can easily come in different colours.

4. Arched doors
The vintage-looking classic arched door is all the things you love about history. Just the design itself has a very historic and artistic feel to it. Arched doors are for those who want their exterior to look unique and it is also more suitable for exterior doors.

5. Grey & glazed door
We know the wooden brown doors are still what many people prefer but grey coloured doors are also making big into the market these days. The grey & glazed doors give a modern feel to your ambience and go well with various shades of black and blues and compliments these shades.

6. Panelled door
Loved due to their symmetrical design, this type of door fits all types of architectural designs. These panelled doors when made unsymmetrical gives a unique look that can liven your space.

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