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EH: I didn't give him a Korean name. I wanted you to give him one... 8 years ago. DJ: What are you talking about? You came to Korea to see me? TS: Well, we are his uncles... we should at least buy Colin some clothes. JR: Should we formally introduce ourselves, since we're all men here. TS: Because of you, all MR does is drink, (??), and doesn't get sleep. If it's going to be this way... forget our friendship... I won't see you anymore then! Yoon: Today he saw the sun rise and fell asleep again... JR: Not seeing each other is not a problem... We'll just make them see each other! YS: Will I ever be able to be happy with the a man who is the father of someone else's child? One day I will be... but on another day, I won't be.
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We still wondering about SYS family feud in episode 13 where she met the two men i supposed her to be her brothers.They mentioned about their mother she stayed 12 years the guys 24 years.....earlier episode her mother try to call SYS but ignored it just do not want talk about it.SYS may not get the love from her family thus she makes herself busy doesn't bother dating; maybe she do not want to get rejection and hurt.Why she like Im Tae San?Im Meari always promoted her brother to SYS even that it took her 3 years but when she tried to confess it's already too late douche pain! Meeting KDJ's being scatchy tounge, manipulator plus childish...too many incidents that hurting her esp he said he just want to sleep with her; that's why she felt confused, lack of confidence and rejected. If only KDJ would be persistent, love her more and eventually woo her god willing she will be back to him...Hwaiting KDJ~SYS
she's not yet confident on her feelings, on his feelings, on their relation-ship. the lack of trust is due to the general wish to avoid a problem making it "hidden", less important or non-existent, maybe nobody will care or ask about it. but life doesn't work like this because every time something unexpected happens unveiling deepest secrets... in his case was something that even he didn't know about, trying to protect her being an easy excuse in my opinion. to protect her from what? is he a criminal? a cheater? a thief? she's an ethics teacher, for god sake! in her case, like she said, she was suddenly too happy, because her usual life wasn't a spring song, or something. the fact that she has no boyfriend up to her age, looking so good, put her self-trust under a question mark. so, the confidence it is not the strongest issue in her soul. i'm not able to put their loves at the same level, but I think he loves her more than she does. yet. but, like I said before, to love someone is beyond any other events in a person life. you love him, or her, and you are able to do ANYTHING to make her, or him, happy. DJ made the first step.
The problem started when KDJ did not contact SYS the nite they are supposed to have dinner together.SYS felt KDJ doesn't trust her and do not want to share his problem with her.Remember in episode 12 when they walk holding hands together she already open up herself to share things in the past or future.She felt she's unwanted when she was not given the chance to say anything when they met at KDJ's office where she was dumped by him.If only he should talk to her rationally she might not be happy at first but she will understand because she love him as much he love her too...all this is due to communication break-down and lack of trust and rash action esp KDJ....really disaster... time will heal sob sob
You see... script writers again... This reaction (YS's) it is not real..watching I do, I do we all learn a lot of lessons about what love means. Love is above persons, time and useless forgiveness. From this point of view, love suppose to offer you the wish of your beloved happiness. so, DJ loves YS, but her love is not , let's say' "ready" yet. he was able to sacrifice himself in a painful way to let her free to be happy but she's not able (yet, I hope) to see over her own feelings.... they need some time to settle down their choices
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