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One blogger has taken some well known children's classics and created what their covers might look like if these books were not meant for children, but for a serious adult audience. 1. The Fantastic Mr. Fox - Roald Dahl 2. What do People do All Day? - Richard Scarry 3. Lost and Found - Oliver Jeffries 4. The Borrowers - Mary Norton 5. The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame 6. The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats 7. Peter Rabbit - Beatrice Potter 8. Charlotte's Web - E.B. White 9. Madeline - Ludwig Bemelmans 10. Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown I'd be interested to read actual remakes such as these--deepening the morals and themes of these children's books to suit an adult novel would be an interested experiment for any writer, I think.
I would love to read an adult version of 'Madeline' and 'What Do People Do All Day?'
@timeturnerjones But the story might not be simple at all as serious fiction! Keats sought to represent minorities in a time when minorities had little place in popular literature--how would this have transitioned into adult fiction? Surely, the stakes would be high, and this cover would juxtapose that in it's simplicity.
@strawberrychip I feel like 'What do People do All Day' might take a sort of depressing tone if we give it a more aged perspective, no?
@strawberrychip I agree; surely an update and retelling of Madeline would be especially intriguing. Especially if she were rewritten as an adult, for adults.
@greggr I hadn't even considered that; I just remember the book from my youth. Keats hoped to bring attention to minorities? in what way? if thats the case, the whiteness of this updated cover, too, might represent a theme of the novel.
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