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James Frey--first known for his Million Little Pieces fiasco--will be releasing a new series around the world in October of this year. It has been released that the book will be enhanced by a number of additional, real-life attributes. The million dollar cover of the first book has been released; the picture is actually of a million dollars in gold that one reader will have the chance to claim. There will be clues masquerading within the text as well as released on various social media outlets leading to the prize. Rumors of a video game and Hollywood movie related to the series have also been circulating. These add-ons are expected to parallel the plot, which will follow 12 teenagers who are taking part in a treasure hunt to determine the fate of the world. Will you be taking part in the hunt? You have until October 7th to decide, but the earlier you start preparing, the better, it seems...
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Thats an interesting marketing point for his series-offering a real prize. This reminds me of interactive games that take you into the real world. Could we call this the book version of geocaching?
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This sounds like a good hunt, but am I willing to buy a James Frey book? I'm not sure, to be honest. I'll have to check out the first clues and decide...
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