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In case you have ever wanted to read the entirety of Moby Dick off of a print, you know have the chance. This amazing lithograph contains the entire next in it's largest form, or a significant portion in its smaller forms. It also comes in a few color schemes, and each poster sale then goes towards donating a book to a community in need.
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This is awesome! I'm not sure I have a wall big enough for it, but I would want to get the full text version. I might get tired trying to read it off the wall though.
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@onesmile I think I would have a neckache and a backache within one hour; maybe we should listen to the audiobook while gazing at the poster.
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@greggr but that wouldnt be nearly as fun!! maybe listening to the audio book while sort of reading along; then you can take breaks. hahahhaha
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@onesmile I still think we would be aching within half an hour. But I suppose we can give it a chance
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