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Tyler over at TylersReelFishing really makes some great videos, but I especially love this one. See just how fish decide whether or not to take the bait. It's really great to see exactly what this looks like so you can know why fish avoid your bait.
@happyrock definitely. even though I grew hearing why some lures get taken and some don't, it took until I saw some video like this to really understand that
what a cool video, thanks for sharing. its great to be able to see what actually does and doesn't attract the fish to bite.
@mcgraffy Yeah that was really surprising! I guess I never thought of fish as picky until I started learning more about lures and techniques
@fallingwater agreed. 1:40 to 1:50 is interesting since you see when they DONT like the jig, even if a little interested
Its really weird to be able to almost see how the fish is thinking as it swims by