Why Do People Use Dedicated Proxies?

Dedicated proxies or IP changing software is becoming quite popular these days. However, these tools have become quite controversial among netizens due to its potential privacy invasion capabilities. Basically, this tool is an online proxy service that can be installed on your computer. But of course, it doesn't serve as the sole solution to accessing websites. In fact, you should make use of this proxy in addition to some other techniques in order to enhance your online security.

There's a big difference between dedicated (monetary) versus shared (free) proxies. The biggest difference between dedicated (monetary) proxies and shared (free) proxies is that dedicated proxies are exclusively for one individual, while multiple users at the same instance utilize shared proxies. A dedicated proxy, therefore, is just a proxy which isn't shared with anybody else and is exclusively meant for one individual. This means that by simply being online and using this proxy, you will be completely secured from any possible harm.

Another major difference that is observed when using dedicated proxies is the bandwidth usage. On the one hand, shared proxies that allow several users to utilize the bandwidth will consume a lot of bandwidth. This may lead to noticeable slowing down of the website that you are trying to visit. It is, thus, recommended that you don't use this type of proxy if you are planning on visiting sites that consume a lot of bandwidth.

Lastly, you should know that both dedicated proxies and shared proxies utilize the DNS system. While dedicated ones use the private DNS servers for resolving the DNS requests, shared ones use the public DNS servers. This means that in case you wish to surf anonymously, you will need to go for a private proxy and not the one using the public DNS.

If coupon codes for go for a dedicated proxy, you will also be provided with a lot of options to choose from. You can either change the IP address of your computer or even block any particular website that you do not wish to visit. Most dedicated proxies can be configured very easily so that they can be used for multiple purposes. You can also set them so that they will only use the portion of the network that you want them to use. This will help to protect you from any sort of connection issues that may arise due to the users sharing the same IP address.

In summary, the advantages of using dedicated proxies far outweigh those of using shared ones. The main reason why they are becoming popular is because of the privacy that they offer. If you wish to surf anonymously, the best option available is to go for a private proxy. Thus, by choosing this option, you will enjoy the complete benefits.