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I've owned a few different plastic Time Turners, and always considered ordering this gold-plated version from Noble Collection but seriously cannot bring myself to do it yet. Still, this review shows how gorgeous and accurate it is---arrgggh. Even the case it is displayed in adds so much to the piece so that you can put it up on a bookshelf or desk to show it off. Perhaps I'll have to ask for it for my birthday this year...
@ameliasantos10 thats definitely possible, I should check some sites like etsy with homemade goods and try to find some better quality for a more reasonable price! I guess I just went to noble collections since they are the official goods of the movies
@timeturnerjones i am sure wouldn't there be other options online? maybe there will be better price than Noble Collection because i totally agree with you guys about how it seems kind of over-prized
I've never been one to purchase things from the Noble Collection (they've always seemed overpriced to me), but this piece really is beautiful. It surprises me that for such a pricey piece they still use plastic for the actual hourglass.
@timeturnerjones i think with collection items as long as they are in good condition we can probably buy it second hand! yes i think you should check out ebay!! and well good luck on finding it :)
@ameliasantos10 ah! I hadnt thought of buying it second hand. good idea, I'll check ebay~
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