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Non-fiction writing is a piece of writing that tells the details of or presents information about real people, places, events, things, or objects. The facts are not a matter of creative invention, but of conveying the real and truest sense of these things. Even when some of the facts turn out to not be true (such as in the progression of a diary), it is still non-fiction because the author believed the facts to be true at the time of writing. Science textbooks written 50 years ago are still considered to be works of non-fiction, even if some of their information may now be incorrect. Non-fiction writing is the communication of facts, but it may be done in numerous styles. Each type is carried out differently in its stylistic elements, type of prose, purpose of communication, audience, tone and perspective. Still, it is non-fiction. Through this collection, "Styles of Non-Fiction Writing," I aim to present many different styles of non-fiction writing in order to show the variety of ways that we create, and accept, facts. Collection link: