Executive Recruitment in Bangkok - Unique Solution for Finding Potential Job Candidates

Choosing a recruitment company in Bangkok is essential for a smart and quick hire. During executive recruitment, the company aims to provide you with a list of the most qualified candidates for the job you want to fill. They tend to deliver unique solutions so that the position isn't left vacant for long. If you are looking for efficient executive recruitment in Bangkok, know how a search firm works to find potential job candidates.
· Creates job description
The recruitment company takes note of the size of your firm, work culture, and hiring needs. Once the recruiting teams know the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for the position, it is time to define the job and invite candidates. Accordingly, the recruiting team prepares a comprehensive job description to get applications from the right candidates. The job description contains detailed information about the role, responsibilities, educational requirements, compensation, perks, and benefits.
· Screening and Shortlisting
The job description is often advertised internally for referrals and externally on social networking sites. Recruiters may also conduct employment fairs, display on job boards, and promote openings in leading industry publications to attract potential talent. On receiving a long list of applicants, the next step is to search for the right talent. Recruiters will go through the potential targets and cross-check whether they qualify for the post or not. They may use talent mapping, sourcing tactics, or other recruiting strategies to narrow down the list of high-potential executives.
· Identifying the right talent
During the talent hunt, the executive search firm conducts interview sessions, review the resumes, and evaluates the outlined details. Before presenting the shortlist of qualified candidates, the recruitment firm conducts a basic background check to verify their qualifications and background. Eventually, they work with you to narrow the potential candidates to bring down the numbers to a minimum. At the final stage, the recruiters will conduct thorough reference checks. They also give their opinions about each candidate. In this way, you can select the best candidate and finalize their salary package.
An executive recruitment Bangkok company acts as a mediator to fulfill the needs of clients and job seekers. An effective hiring process will simplify, streamline, and speed-up your recruitment process. If you want to meet your staffing needs, consider working with an executive search recruiting agency.
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9 Interview Questions EVERY Recruiter Should Ask Their Candidates
Interview Questions Recruiters face enough challenges as it is without worrying if they asked the right questions in an interview. It is essential when determining who the best fit for a job is. Of course, ensuring that a candidate has the required skill set is of primary concern, but it is also important to dig a little deeper and find out what kind of person they are. The goal is to snag a complete candidate, one with both the right personality and expertise. So here are the best nine interview questions for you to ask your next star candidate. 1. “What hobbies do you have?” Starting with an easy one here, and this question should be obvious for recruiters. Primarily it gives your candidate a chance to relax, but it can also offer you a key insight. For example, if they enjoy playing a lot of sport, it shows they are energetic individuals who are health conscious. If they like writing or drawing, ask them how they can transfer that creativity into their new role. Always have a follow-up question and try to revert it back to the role at hand. 2. “Tell me about your greatest professional achievement?” You want a candidate that has their sights set high, right? This question allows your potential employee to share some of their proudest professional moments. You can assess each achievement and see how ambitious they are. There is a big difference between a candidate who tells you their greatest exploit was always being on-time for work and one who boosted website traffic by 65% over a six month period. 3. “What was the biggest obstacle you have overcome?” Everyone faces certain challenges in both their personal and professional lives. What’s most important in this case is how your candidate overcame each hurdle. What did they learn from this experience? How would they deal with this obstacle if it were to happen again? It gives you an opportunity to see their problem-solving skills and how they can deal with pressures of the role. 4. “Are you interested in continuing to develop your professional skills and knowledge?” Continuous learning has seen rapid changes and growth, with companies looking to upskill and nurture their workers. Learning has become a key goal for companies, with many encouraging their employees to partake in various courses in order to improve their base level. You want your candidate to believe in continuous learning and know that the business values their personal and professional progression. 5. “Can you tell me what the key trends are in this industry?” Every industry has its own niche trends that are constantly changing. See if your candidate is up-to-date and informed about the latest insights. It’s important to understand the industry you work in, and if your candidate is ill-informed from the get-go, then that alone should be a telling sign. 6. “What is your biggest strength?” A much more comprehensive question compared to the now mundane “what are your weaknesses?” archetype. Candidates predict the latter and generally have a bland, pre-prepared answer. When asking about strengths, it allows the interviewee to paint their skills and traits in a positive light and generate a greater variety of answers. 7. “Tell me about a time when you got it all wrong?” This question allows you to see how honest your candidate is. No one is perfect, and a dishonest answer should be a major red flag for any recruiter. When the interviewee extrapolates, ask them what they’ve learned from the tough experience. Admitting to errors or blunders also shows that they can take ownership of situations and look for solutions rather than transfer blame. 8. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” You want your star candidate to think ahead. Only ambitious employees will truly push the boundaries, and that’s the kind of person you want working in your company. It also gives insight into how long the candidate might plan on staying at your business. The right candidate will list their career goals and be a motivated individual who is looking for career progression. 9. “Do you have any questions for me?” A candidate that doesn’t take the opportunity to ask questions is missing out or is struggling to think of a question off the top of their head. Even simple queries like: “how long will the probation period be?” or “what learning opportunities will be available to me?” are most definitely a positive look. It shows that the candidate is fully invested in the position and sees it as a long-term investment. This Post origioally featured at Khawaja Manpoer's Blog
Best Online Survey Jobs to Make Extra Money
You can do it. You can make some extra money from home. If you are familiar enough with your computer to be able to fill out some of the basics of an online profile, such as name, email address and so on, they it’s likely you are qualified. You need to have an opinion of course! Finding all kinds of best online survey jobs from home is both possible and profitable. Where Do I Start? This is a common question and a very important one to ask yourself. You obviously already have the drive to go out and find a little extra income. But knowing who to trust when doing business online is everything. Unfortunately, online business, like offline business tend to be rife with scammers and spammers. But likewise there are a lot of really good and trustworthy business’s as well. The good ones are easy to spot if you know how. The Paid Surveys Authority is one such entity. The offer simply easy to follow training, a database of screened, known and trusted companies to work with and above all, they offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Community Protection But these guys have added one other really cool feature to the mix. The allow you and other surveyors to rate the companies you have dealt with. This lets you know as a newcomer that other people just like you but with more experience are acting as watchdog. If companies are good to work with they receive thumbs up. If they are poor, the receive thumbs down, it’s that simple. One Of The Best Services Today Is “The Paid Surveys Authority”…Here’s Why… Quick, Reliable Payment You want to work with company’s that quickly and efficiently pay you. Awwro makes sure the database of companies is on the up and up. After all, you are providing a service to a company. That company should treat you like any other employee or service provider and simply pay you when the job is done. They also teach you how to spot the spammers. That’s the way you should expect it to work and that’s the way it does work. If a company wants money from you and gives you nothing in return, watch out. If a company wants money from you and promises some kind of return in the future then be careful. They are most likely not reliable and not trustworthy. The Online Surveys screens the company’s in the database to make sure they are on the up-and-up. Realistic Effort Based Income Opportunity Nothing good comes without some work, and this opportunity is the same. You can essentially decide how much you want to make based on how much time you put into it. Those that have the time and are driven can make a decent full time income. But even if you only have some time to put into it, you can still benefit and make real money. That’s the best part of it, you can get started making money pretty quick and make as much as your time and effort allows. Time For Action If this sounds like something you are interested in you might as well go and check out Awwro. They are the good guys, they provide training, present screened company’s and let you participate in how the companys are rated. The member feedback feature is really important in this business and they have done it right. Go through the entire extensive training process and take full advantage of the process.
How would you know your job interview went well?
An interview is usually done in person but because of the pandemic, most of the employers are doing virtually now. At first, before your scheduled interview, you do all this preparation, nerve-wracking thinking, and mirror practice. Funny it may seem but some people are getting nervous attending an interview and it is normal to feel that way because it is a combination of excitement and anxiousness. The important thing is that you have a focus on your goal. Remember to keep your confidence and mind at ease to have a smooth flow of conversation. Take a few breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. Here are some ideas that an job interview whether it is scheduled or walk in interview dubai went well: Longer Conversation Having a long conversation with your interviewer means you are able to break the ice. The interviewer is the decision-maker and you as an applicant should be able to work out the conversation to the next level. The more you feel comfortable with them and how you make them comfortable towards you is important. Some interviews where the topic changes randomly which means it is more about you as a person already, here you can say that there is a positive result. Engagement Most interviews are questions and answers but if you can manage to go beyond that and able to build a two-way conversation then it is a good point. If the interviewer, while on the flow of communication is mentioning you as a first-person instead of third or in general view when he or share is talking about the job role then it means there is a great possibility of getting the job vacancies. Anxious but Excited If upon interview, the “you” is being mentioned as a part of the organization like career development, salary expectation, benefits interest are being asked then it means they see you suitable for the role. Clear Answers When an interviewer wanted you to be in their organization, they will not leave you hanging by a thread. They go straight to the point when answering all your questions and make sure that you understand. Potential Colleagues and Seniors Unexpectedly you feel belong, even for a brief moment when an interviewer initiate to present you to other employees, then it is an interview that you can look forward to especially if they introduce you to a person in higher management means they want the position to be filled up as soon as possible. Closing Questions It is a plus point when the closing questions of the interviewer is about your starting date and another thing if they will also ask if you have other job interview to attend to. Next Step and Feedback If you are scheduled for a second or final interview it means they are interested to know more about your potential for the position you have applied. Knowing that they informed you for the next step is great opportunity to build up yourself more with them. You would also know if an interview went well if the interviewer give you a date when you will received the result not just a blunt “will call you” closing remarks. It is a good point especially when they already ask you to bring your credentials once you get back in their office. The mentioned ideas above are only for reference as the results will be different depending on the interviewer, surrounding, atmosphere, flow of conversation and other aspects of an interview process and evaluation.