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Phuong Pike

Growing up in the foster care system was an adventure to say the least. A lot of kids enter at different ages, I was one of the unlucky ones, I was in the system pretty much all my life. As hard as it was, the worst part was the feeling of not being good enough. I would move to a home, and about the time I would meet friends and get half way adjusted, the system would move me somewhere else. Most kids that were put in the system as young as I was usually end up being adopted. Unfortunately, I was different, and no one wanted to accept the full responsibility of taking care of me.

I was doomed from conception. My mother was the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister. She had been a fine upstanding girl until she went to college. While in college, she became addicted to Cocaine which led to heroin and meth. She dropped out of school after her second semester because she was on the verge of being kicked out. Because of her addictions, her father disowned her, leaving her homeless.

Eventually, as so many other young female drug addicts, my mother took to the streets. She turned tricks to feed her demons. She met a guy, and they were married. Her husband would pimp her out, take her money and give her just enough drugs to keep her wanting more. Eventually she got pregnant. When she was far enough along that she began to show, her husband kicked her out gay porn movies tube

Again, she was out on the streets and as soon as she found a John willing to be serviced by a pregnant junkie, she bought enough drugs to put her and me out of our misery. As a misfortune, to me anyway, she collapsed right outside of a hospital.

The medical staff kept her alive on life support until I was born, then my mother died. No one had a clue who my father was and when my grandfather was contacted, he came to the hospital but left shortly after pulling the plug on my mom. I was told that he did not want a bastard, drug addicted half breed to have to take care of, so I was placed into a foster home.

One of the nice nurses at the hospital named me Malo Albert after Saint Malo of Aleth, the patron saint of lost items. Due to my addiction to drugs, I had a lot of health problems when I was a baby. I was placed in a home with other babies in my condition.

As the years went by, I overcame the addictions but the drugs left me with an extreme case of ADHD, and when I was of age I was placed on medication to help calm me down. I was full of mischief and considered a problemed child.

Not knowing who my father was made things difficult. All I know is that he was a black man. I only know that because I am mixed, caucasion and African-American. As I grew up I became naturally toned and with my light skin and blue eyes, the girls all favored me from an early age.

The first foster home that I was in as I grew older was in a rural area. The older couple had a farm and they housed four kids around my age, two boys and two girls. Us kids would help them work on the farm. It was not slavery, because the man and woman would work as hard as we would everyday. The other boy’s name was Tommy and he had been on the farm for two years when I arrived. He was a white kid a year older than I was. His hair was brown and he kept it cut very short. Although he was older than me, he was shorter. His body was toned from the work on the farm.

Tommy and I bunked together in one room next to the back porch. Every morning we would be awakened at 4:30 am by Mr. Benson. We would go to the barn and milk the two cows and gather eggs from the hen house. One of us would take the milk and eggs inside the house to Mrs. Benson, while the other would get the tractor hooked up to the plow, mower or whatever implement we would be using that day. In the house, Mrs. Benson and the two girls would be eagerly preparing breakfast.

Until I arrived at Benson Farm, I had never really paid much attention to girls. As you would imagine, that quickly changed. The first girl I met when I arrived was Heather. I later found out that she was the same age as I was. She was about my height and chunky. Her eyes were green and her hair was sandy blonde. The one feature that stood out to me was her bottom. Even in her concervative dress, each time she walked the cheeks of her bottom would wiggle and I could not help but watch. She had been on the farm six months when I arrived gay live cam

The other girl’s name was Trudy. Trudy had been with the Benson’s since she was two and actually called them Ma and Pa, but she was a year younger than I was. She was a full head shorter than I was, with long black hair and brown eyes. She had a very pretty face and was thin and had two lovely looking grapefruits attached to her chest. The front of her dress was unbuttoned probably two buttons too many because the tops of those lovely grapefruit sized breasts protruded from their confines.

The first day I was at the farm, Mr. Benson, Tommy and I put up what felt like a hundred miles of fence. Mr. Benson would dig the post holes with the auger attached to the tractor, Tommy and I would set the posts in the holes. Then one of us would use a come-along to tighten the fence while the other nailed the nails into the post. At lunch, Mrs. Benson and the girls drove an old truck through the field and brought us lunch.

Mr. Benson saw them approaching and ordered Tommy and I to put our shirts back on. So we did as we were told. When the ladies arrived, the three of them got out of the truck with a small brown bag in their hands. Mrs. Benson took her bag to Mr. Benson, Trudy walked over to Tommy and gave him hers, and Heather brought me my lunch. She opened the bag and reached in and pulled out a sandwich and handed it to me. She smiled as I brought the sandwich to my mouth and took a bite. She watched as I ate and then reached in the bag and pulled out a mason jar of sweet tea to wash it down. After the sandwich she unwrapped a piece of cake and handed it to me.

“I baked it myself,” she said as I took a bite.

I smiled at her and ate the rest of it to show my approval. Then I washed it down with the last of the tea. She gathered the jar and placed it back in the bag. Then she returned to the truck. She and Trudy returned with two gallon jugs of water and refilled the water keg attached to the tractor. As they were pouring the water into the keg, a breeze began to blow. The hem of Heather’s dress blew up and I swore I caught a glimpse of her milky thighs. She quickly pushed her dress back down and she and Trudy returned to the truck and they were gone.

We worked the rest of the day and the sun was setting when Mr. Benson told us to pack up the tools. Tommy and I worked good together, and he had taught me along the way about the fence and what to expect from the Benson’s. According to Tommy, they expected us to work with them six days a week, and if we are productive, Sunday’s were special. He emphasized that it would be in my best interest to be productive because if I wasn't, that he would personally whip my butt.

Once the tools were gathered, Tommy and I climbed onto the back of the tractor and Mr. Benson drove us back to the barn. When we arrived, Mr. Benson instructed us to disconnect the auger, to feed the animals then wash up for supper and he went into the house. As we were putting the tools away I made a comment on how I was ready to take a shower. Tommy again spoke up.

“We take baths here, there is no shower.”

“No shower? Really?,” I replied.

“Really, and you will bathe after supper, then we will go to bed. Trust me you will come to love the baths,” he said with a wink.

When we were done feeding the animals, we headed to the house. My muscles ached and my hands were blistered from not being used to manual labor. I had not realized how hungry I was until I walked in and smelled the food that Mrs. Benson and the girls had prepared. Set on a table for six was a big plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and cornbread. The smell of it made my stomach begin to beg.

As we approached the table, I followed Tommy and pulled out a chair beside him. Mr. Benson, who was already seated at the head of the table, stopped me.

“Albert, you sit in that chair,” he said as he pointed to the chair across the table from Tommy gay interracial porn movies

I nodded and moved to my chair and sat. My first impulse was to fill my plate and stuff my face, but I restrained myself and looked to Tommy for guidance. Tommy sat listening as Mr. Benson talked about what we had done and what was in store for tomorrow. I listened as well, while I looked for Heather and Trudy. Mrs. Benson was sitting at the other end of the table opposite from Mr. Benson. About the time I was going to ask where the girls were, they both appeared and walked in the back door and proceeded to the table.

Heather stood beside me as Mr. Benson graced the table. I did not understand why she didn't sit, but after the amen, I quickly realized why. As soon as Mr. Benson said Amen, Mrs. Benson and the girls began preparing the plates for us guys. Trudy prepared Tommy’s, Heather prepared mine and Mrs. Benson prepared her husband’s. Once our plates were filled, the ladies sat and prepared theirs.

There was little talk at the table. The only real talk was Mr. and Mrs. Benson correcting my on my table manners. I was told to chew with my mouth closed, to take my elbows off the table and to slow down eating because there was plenty.

When we were done. Mr. Benson excused Tommy and I to go bathe. We stood up from the table. I looked toward Heather and she smiled and blushed. I smiled back, confused on why she was blushing, but followed Tommy out the door.

The Benson’s had a bath house adjacent to the main house for us to bathe in. I followed Tommy as he entered. The bath house was an open room that was dimly lit. There was a wire stretched from one wall to the other with a curtain thrown over it and two bathtubs filled with water. On the wall was a double vanity with two sinks. The vanity was stocked with soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes. As I looked around, Tommy advised me on what I was to do.

“Take off your clothes and place them at the end of the tub. Get in and soak for a few minutes. I will let you be surprised at what comes next.”

Tommy went to one of the tubs and began to strip. I followed suit. I took off my sweaty t-shirt and placed it on the floor at the end of the tub. Then I kicked off my shoes and socks, then my jeans. I was reluctant to take off my boxers in the presence of another guy. I looked towards Tommy and saw that he had no reluctance as he pushed his boxers down his legs.

I had never seen another guy naked. Tommy was muscular and his upper body was tanned from working on the farm. From the waist down he was white as snow. Between his legs was a thick patch of hair and his penis hung and rested on his balls. I caught myself staring and turned quickly before I was caught. I took a deep breath and pushed my boxers to the floor and hurried to the side of the tub and got in.

The water was warm and felt so good to my aching muscles. I laid my head back against the tub and closed my eyes.

“Damn dude, you are hung like a mule,” Tommy interrupted my relaxation.

I sat up and looked over at him, “Excuse me?”

“You have got the biggest cock I have ever seen, not that I have seen a lot,” Tommy replied.

I felt my face blush, I had never heard someone talk like that and it caught me off guard.

“I am sorry I do not know what you are talking about.”

“Your cock man,” Tommy’s voiced in a loud whisper. “Your cock is enormous,” he added pointing toward his midsection.

I looked at my body in the direction he was pointing on his. He must have been talking about my penis, but I had never heard it called a cock before. I have to say, mine was longer and thicker than his, but I never thought of it as big.

Before I could respond to him, the door opened and Heather and Trudy walked in. I was startled. I tried to find something to cover my nakedness, but there was nothing there. I placed my hands over my penis in hopes that neither of the girls would come any closer.

Heather looked at me and smiled. Trudy looked toward Tommy. They both walked towards us, respectively. Trudy was the first to make it to the tubs, and she reached over and pulled the curtain that hung between us. When Heather made it to the tub she stood and looked at my face, then I watched her eyes mover down my body. When she reached my hands, her eyes widened.

She moved closer and removed her dress. She was not wearing any underwear. Between her legs was a thick patch of hair, her breasts were full but the size of lemons. She knelt down and pulled a sponge from under the tub. She squeezed the soap onto the sponge and began to wash me.

She first washed my chest, then my arms. She pulled me up in the sitting position and rubbed the soapy sponge over my back. As I leaned back I felt my penis begin to grow. I continued to try and hide it with my hands but it was becoming more and more difficult.

I watched Heather as she moved to the foot of the tub. She ran the soapy sponge from my ankle to my upper thigh. Then repeated on my other leg. I noticed her biting her lip and she took a deep breath.

“You need to move your hands so I can finish,” She instructed me.

By this time, by penis was harder than it had ever been. I slowly removed my hands and Heather gasped when she saw the whole thing. She placed the sponge on the floor and squeezed some soap into her hand. She reached and took my penis between her hands.

For the first time I noticed her nipples were harder and protruding more than earlier. She moved her hands up and down my penis. It felt so good. The longer she stroked the faster she got and soon her hands were splashing the water. I could not help but moan.

I felt a tightness in my balls and my toes began to extend. A feeling in my gut began to grow. I gripped the side of the tub with both hands and let out a loud moan as the pressure built inside me, and with no warning, my penis released.

The amount of gunk that escaped my penis was enormous. Heather had a smile of success on her face as she continued to stroke me. When my penis began to soften, she rinsed the gunk off her hands in the water and stood. I noticed a glisten of moisture in the hair between her legs as she turned to get a towel.

“Stand please,” she instructed gay bears porn movies

I stood without knowing what to say to her. She wrapped the towel around my waist when I stepped out of the tub. She gave my penis one last tug before walking out the door. As I dried off. I heard a groan from Tommy’s tub, and soon I saw Trudy leave the bathhouse. Tommy followed a few minutes later and headed to our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I couldn't wait to ask Tommy about the bath house experience. Tommy was almost asleep before I laid down on the bed across the room from him.

“Tommy, hey you still awake?” I whispered across the room.

“What is it Albert?”

“Man, what just happened, I mean is that normal?”

Tommy sat up and looked over toward me. “Mr. Benson sends the girls in to take care of us because he believes it is a woman’s place to take care of a man. He feels that if we release a load, then we will relax and sleep better so we will be ready to work the next day.”

I thought for a second taking in what Tommy had said.

“If you thought that was something, wait until Sunday. If we meet or exceed the work goals for the week, Sunday’s treat will make the bath house look like a walk in the park.” Tommy barely got his last words out of his mouth before he was snoring. I laid looking at the stars out of the window until I fell asleep.

The next morning was much like the first. Tommy and I got up early, milked the cows, collected eggs, and prepared the tractor all before breakfast. Then we ate and were out the door. I felt awkward at breakfast, but apparently I was the only one. The Benson’s, Tommy, Trudy and Heather all acted like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Heather did smile at me more than the day before but that was the only difference.

While we were working that day, my brain was swarming with questions. I attempted to ask Tommy a couple, but he ignored me and continued to work. I was curious as to how this whole thing worked. Did Trudy and Heather swap, or was Heather my betrothed. What happened on Sundays? All this questions flooded my brain.

Lunch was brought to us like the day before. Mr. Benson stopped us in a grove of live oaks and Mrs. Benson and the girls were there waiting on us. Heather brought me my lunch bag. I sat on a stump as she handed me the sandwich. .She sat on the ground in front of me and pulled her knees up to her chest. I took a bite of my sandwich and almost choked on it.

When she pulled her knees to her chest, she was not wearing any underwear and I had a clear shot of her vagina. Her lips were parted and I could see the pink and the wetness gleaming on the few sprigs of hair between her toned legs. I tore my eyes away from between her legs and looked at her face. She licked her lip and bit her bottom lip as she winked at me.

By the time the ladies climbed in the old truck to head back to the house, my penis was so hard that it hurt. As they left, I was reluctant to stand up because I was embarrassed of my condition. Mr. Benson called for me to come on, so I stood up, turned my back to Tommy, and readjusted my penis to make it not so obvious. As I was walking to the tractor, Tommy laughed at me.

As I climbed on the tractor, Tommy whispered, “Let me guess, Heather wasn't wearing any panties and gave you a nice viewing of her snatch?”

I nodded my head.

“Just wait until you get some of it, Its going to change your life forever,” he said as the tractor bounced over the plowed field.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. All I could see when I closed my eyes was the treasure between Heather’s legs. I hoped that I would have an opportunity to see it again at bath time. Each time I would think about it, the swelling would return between my legs.

At dusk, the old tractor pulled up to the barn. Tommy and I finished our chores and went inside to eat supper. Everything went as the night before. We ate while Mr. Benson talked about the plans for the following day. Once we were finished and excused, Tommy and I went into the bathhouse to the tubes the girls had prepared for us.

As the night before, Trudy and Heather come into the bathhouse. Trudy pulled the curtain and hid her and Tommy and Heather stood at the foot of my tub. Just like last night, she unbuttoned her dress and it fell to the floor. Unlike the night before, she climbed into the tub with me.

My penis was already hard before her fingers wrapped around it. What she did next blew my mind. Instead of using her hand as she did last night, she lowered her head and took my penis into her mouth. She ran her lips up and down it several times before releasing it with a pop from her lips.

She leaned up and whispered into my ear, “I can't wait until Sunday, I have to have some of that big cock now.”

She straddled me and with her hand she guided my penis to her vagina and lowered herself on me. She was so wet, and tight that she had a hard time getting the head into her, but once the head penetrated her she slid down half way before raising up. She lowered herself down again. I raised my head and opened my mouth and sucked in one of her nipples.

Time my tongue touched her nipple, She pulled my head against her chest and began to shiver. Her body jerked several times before she relaxed. She looked down and me with a panicked look on her face.

She quickly lifted off my penis and got out of the tub. She grabbed her clothes and left. I sat there in the water dumbfounded and hard. I was on the verge of release when she ran off. So I washed myself and got out of the tub. I wrapped my towel around me and went to bed.

During the night, I was awakened by thunder. There was a storm and the rain beat against the tin roof. I drifted back to sleep and was awakened later by Mrs. Benson. When we got up, it was still raining. Tommy and I put on our rain jackets and went out to the barn and milked the cows and gathered eggs. We then returned to the house for breakfast.

At breakfast, Mr. Benson announced that due to the rain, he and Tommy were going to run some eggs to the country store and then go into town for supplies. He instructed me to work on cleaning out the stalls in the barn.

I noticed all during breakfast that Heather would not look at me. Even when she placed my breakfast in front of me, she kept her head lowered. Before going to the barn, I tried to catch her attention to apologize for whatever I had done, but she ignored me. So I gathered my jacket and went to the barn.

I was working cleaning the shit, old hay and dirt from the stalls. I had removed my shirt because, even though it was still raining, it was humid. I would put the muck into a wheelbarrow and then wheel it outside and dump it in a pile. Then return and repeat.

On about my fourth trip back into the barn, Mrs. Benson was waiting on me. She handed me a glass of tea, and I thanked her. As I drank the tea, she smiled and looked at me. Her looks made me a little uncomfortable, as her eyes moved up and down my body and the smile on her face was different.

“How are you adjusting to the farm life?” She asked.

“I am adjusting okay, I guess,” I replied.

“Well, John (Mr. Benson) is pleased with your work, and Heather can not quit talking about you, so I would say its more than just okay.”

I smiled at her, not knowing what to say.

“You know, Trudy is anxious for next week,” she added as she sat down on a bale of hay and crossed her legs.

I look at her with a confused look. “Next week?”

She smiled as she began to twirl her hair. “Yeah, next week is when she is assigned to take care of you. The girls rotate. This week, until Sunday, you get Heather. Next week you get Trudy. Of course, Trudy is so small, Heather teases her that she will not be able to handle what you are packing inside those jeans.”

I felt all the blood in my body rush to my face. I was uncomfortable talking in this manner with Tommy, and especially Mrs. Benson.

“You know, John and Tommy will not be back until supper, and the girls are not allowed to come to the barn,” she added as she began to unbutton her dress. “I think I want to see and maybe try what you have in those jeans. Do you mind servicing an older lady, Albert?”

Up until that very moment, I had never paid much attention to Mrs. Benson. As she stood, her dress fell to the ground. She stood before me in nothing but her rain boots. Her hair was in a bun on top of her head, she reached up and pulled the pins from it and her reddish hair fell over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her breasts were the size of plump melons and sagged a little with her nipples pointing down to her plump belly.

Mrs. Benson was not fat by anyone's standards, but she was thick, and I found that very sexy. Unlike Heather, between her legs was a trimmed patch of hair. Her thighs were also thick and milky white. I stood there gazing at her body and my penis was about to bust through my jeans.

She bent down and picked her dress up and spread it over the bale of hay.Then she turned and walked toward me. I was mesmerized, I could not move if I had wanted to. She was about three inches shorter than me, she reached out and ran her hand over my chest, down my stomach to the waist of my jeans.

She pulled her other hand up and unbuttoned them, and unzipped them. She ran her hands inside the waist band of my jeans and pushed them past my hips. Her hands moved back to my front and gripped my penis through my boxers.

“Heather was right, you are hung like a mule.”

She pushed my boxers down. When my penis was free it sprang up and hit me in the stomach. She giggled and her fingers wrapped around it. Her hands were not as soft as Heathers. They were rough from her years of working. She tightened her grip and pulled me with her to the bale of hay.

She pushed me against the bale and told me to sit. I slowly sat on her dress. She knelt down between my legs, continuing to stroke me. On her knees, she lowered her head and engulfed my penis into her mouth. Unlike Heather, she did not hesitate until the tip touched the back of her throat.

She placed one hand against my balls and the other at the base. She moved her hands in unison with her mouth. I laid back on the bale of hay. What Heather had done the night before felt amazing but it was nothing compared to the pleasure I was feeling from Mrs.B.

“Mrs. Benson, something is about to happen!” I exclaimed as the feeling I had felt two days ago, right before my penis erupted, returned.

Mrs. Benson did not stop, she continued with her mouth and hands. I began to get really uncomfortable. I placed my hands on her head and tried to pry her off, to no avail. Her suction and grip tightened. There was no holding back. My toes curled as I let out a loud moan and my penis erupted inside Mrs. Benson’s hot mouth.

She stroked and sucked until my balls were empty. Then she raised her head up and licked her lips. She continued to stroke me slowly with one hand as she wiped the corners of her mouth with the other.

“Did you like that? You tasted mighty good and there was so much. I was afraid I couldn’t hold it all.” She stood, still stroking my penis slowly but firmly, keeping it hard. “Have you ever fucked?”

Thinking about the night before, when Heather had me inside her for just a couple minutes, I wasn’t sure if that would have been considered fucking, so I replied, “No ma’am”.

“Well that is about to change.”

She let go of my penis and straddled me. She positioned my penis just as Heather had done the night before and lowered herself. Unlike Heather, I went inside Mrs. Benson with ease. Like Heather, inside her was wet and warm. She lowered her full hips to meet my pelvis and let out a low groan.

She placed her hands on my chest and began rocking her hips up and down my penis. It felt even better than her mouth. I reached up and massaged her melons. I rolled her nipples around between my thumb and finger. They were very hard. Her eyes remained closed as if she was concentrating on something very hard, with only soft moans escaping her lips each time the tip of my penis hit inside her.

Her pace quickened. Her grip on my chest tightened. I noticed her biting her lower lip. Then her body began to convulse. She jerked and twisted and let out a louder moan as her body tightened. Then as quick as it tightened she relaxed and collapsed on top of me.

I was not done. I slipped from under her as she gained her composure. I got behind her and took my wet slimy penis and aimed it back into her. I grabbed her hips and began to pump back and forth. The sounds of our bodies slapping together filled the barn. I felt that feeling returning.

My balls tightened, that feeling returned deep in my gut. The faster I pumped the stronger it became. I sunk deep inside her and released. My load was not as big as the first, but the sensitivity was stronger. I collapsed as the last spasm subsided.

She moved away from me and let me rest. She collected her dress and stepped back in it. She lowered and kissed me on the cheek. “I love rainy days on the farm.” I lifted my head and watched as she left the barn.

I regained my composure and hurried to finish up my work. I had dumped the last load when Tommy and Mr. Benson returned. I helped them unload the supplies. Tommy and I completed the rest of the chores and went in for supper.

That night in the bathhouse, Heather washed me and jacked me off. She complained about it taking so long for me to erupt, and asked if I no longer found her pretty. I insisted that I still thought she was very pretty but I guess I was tired.

Tommy and Trudy had already left the bathhouse before I finally erupted, and the amount of gunk that came out was minimum. Heather helped me out of the shower and handed me the towel, then turned and left.

The last three days were a blur. I had learned so much about working and sex. In the last three days I had had my penis jacked off twice, it had been in the mouth and vagina of two women. Mrs. Benson had my gunk shot into her in both. All I could think about was what adventures awaited for Sunday. I only had two more days until I found out.