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Men and women value different things, but sometimes men say things that women want to treasure for the rest of their lives
@christy I like the picture @strawberrychip berry chip found too :) thanks for adding the title as well, now I can search it more easily later!!
@strawberrychip wooow I liked whisper in my ears alot thank you . I will load this photo when reach home today sure
@christy hehe Yay~ I'm glad you added a title and picture!! I tried to look and see if there was a better image for this drama but I couldn't find one either. So I looked up some regular photos up let me know what you think and
@strawberrychip @timeturnerjones I looking for photos but I am not talented in this so I found that the most perfect photo the drama banner. wait for ur feed back
I'm with @timeturnerjones on this one. You know what they say... a picture is worth a thousand words.. I'm excited to see what picture you choose to put up with your quote @christy~
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