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Virtual Reality - between advantages and possible consequences

Computer generated Reality or VR is an innovation that exists since before the '50s. From that point forward, VR innovation has advanced a ton. The idea of augmented reality focuses on a certain something: to put on our virtual glasses and to fail to remember that we are in a totally computerized world.

How does this innovation work?

The standard of activity is straightforward. All VR innovations utilize stereoscopic strategies. A straightforward (2D) picture is copied (one for each eye), each being at that point twisted, creating the 3D impact. This picture arrives at the focal point, where it is amplified, at that point arrives at the eye. Yet, how does the picture move with me? Today, innovations, for example, the gyrator and accelerometer permit a space area of any gadget. In this manner, the telephones and, certainly, the headsets that utilization them can compute from what point and, conceivably, with what speed the client moves.

VR isn't 3D. On account of 3D innovation we utilize exceptional glasses that progressively block the pictures on the screen, one of the two, to show the odd ones for one eye and the even ones for the other eye. There are obviously other 3D presentation innovations, yet this is the most well-known sort.

On account of 3D, we are really managing two distinctive 3D planes, which separate the articles in the frontal area from those out of sight. It is anything but a genuine 3D, however more a 2D x 2. The level of drenching builds a bit, however we actually take a gander at a fixed screen and still see what occurs outside the screen, so the cerebrum isn't tricked, as occurs on account of VR of.

VR isn't AR (Augmented Reality) - expanded the truth is the presentation of pictures on a straightforward screen, so the virtual items actually cover and incorporate completely over the encompassing reality. AR can be utilized for instance to show valuable data while driving or when going as vacationers in another city or in a workplace (when planning 3D items for instance).

How is it utilized?

Like most VR headsets, we just need a viable telephone (whose screen is likewise utilized for show) or a PC wired to the VR headset, which additionally contains the stereoscopic screen.

The upsides of VR innovation

VR has had a solid impact for quite a long while in ventures, for example, guard or flight, attempting to make a characteristic and natural approach to collaborate with innovation.

Weaknesses of VR innovation

Augmented reality is an innovation that gets the opportunity of getting utilized for an enormous scope. The benefits of utilizing it being self-evident, and the results VS focal points inclining vigorously on the preferences, both at individual and aggregate level (possibly universally).

Regardless of whether it's preparation, showcasing, correspondence or plan, every one of these ventures has discovered a utilization for computer generated reality that benefits the brand, yet in addition the end client, who will appreciate an improved involvement in it or will encounter something new.

Film and entertainment

Ultimately, augmented reality started things out as a type of diversion and afterward I discovered a wide range of different uses for it. An ever increasing number of games additionally offer help for augmented reality and even games that have become works of art like Skyrim are creating virtual universes for devotees. Moreover, games planned without any preparation for VR end up with a great many downloads on the grounds that they are thoroughly examined, fabricated and offer players solid encounters, adrenaline and exceptional rivalry. The best model for this situation is Beat Saber, by a wide margin quite possibly the most appreciated VR encounters. And since we talk about games we can't mention adult industry. Both games and adult content are what people use the most a VR headset for. And undeniable is that the adult industry has made consistent contribution to the developement of the field of VR (both in terms of technology and filming techniques). In the past years 2 major milestones have been reached. 1 - the integartion of interactive sex toys with adult vr content. 2 - the development of a really good interactive vr porn game.

We at this point don't consider the way that a few games are now present in computer generated experience. Hockey or b-ball titles arrive at VR and give clients the inclination that they are fixed at the match and can continue the disputable stages or get select substance, planned particularly for the individuals who pay for VR memberships, and which isn't accessible on different stages.

With regards to films, Hollywood makers have likewise considered thinking of encounters for their delivery and advancement. We had encounters intended for Skyscraper or Hotel Transylvania, to give some examples, and the pattern is developing, accurately on the grounds that it is acceptable as an advertising apparatus.


The vehicle making industry initially started with the utilization of augmented reality in the promoting of its items. First in the showroom, as a type of introduction, at that point in 360 visits and expanded reality applications, at that point it moved to worker preparing and even to the administration zone. Moreover, I have seen it present in certain makers even in the plan of items, since it is simpler to see an assembling deformity or plan on an item that you can turn on all sides, even before the primary point is made. welding.


Regardless of whether we are discussing FMCG or dress, various makers have discovered approaches to bring augmented reality into their portfolio. Macy's or Ikea offer VR applications that offer clients the chance to perceive what the outfitted space they've picked will resemble, and settle on motivated decisions for their rooms without awakening with a couch longer than the home divider. Different retailers, for example, Zara, have supplanted models with expanded reality, and purchasers better comprehend what a dress or shirt resembles on a man and not on a static life sized model.

Client Relations and Services

Clients of different sorts appreciate a brand that takes it to the following level regarding the administrations it offers. With regards to client assistance, Team Viewer has just considered making their lives simpler and thinks of an enlarged reality application through which professionals straightforwardly help clients in the issues they face. It's a lot less complex than the clarifications given via telephone, and the customer isn't baffled. Another type of client assistance is offered via carriers that have carried airplane amusement to the following level. An ever increasing number of transporters are utilizing augmented reality in planes as a type of traveler diversion. The offer is developing, and the individuals who travel can select motion pictures, applications or VR encounters, contingent upon the sort of headset and the current offer. Studies led via aircrafts have indicated that travelers are a lot more joyful after an encounter that secludes them from the plane and occupies their flight time with another and fun experience. In addition, they have begun to present it in the business and chief parlors, where explorers can unwind before the flight.

Showcasing and Advertising

It is by a long shot the field that utilizes computer generated reality most strongly, after amusement. Brands have perceived that new, totally vivid encounters that offer something extreme to the client are winning. The methods of utilizing this innovation are exceptionally changed: from enlarged reality encounters for gaming, winning prizes or upsetting rivalry, to visits in augmented experience to advance another vehicle.

Real Estate Industry

The land territory immediately found that it has something to acquire from utilizing computer generated reality. It's one thing to introduce a model of a future land complex, it's another to put an expected headset on a possible purchaser to see with his own eyes what it resembles to stroll in the recreation center or what a condo resembles. Besides, for those generally inspired by a property, they can take a virtual visit on the off chance that it isn't prepared at this point or they can perceive what it will resemble with all the progressions they have mentioned, from the shade of the dividers to the area of the smorgasbord in the kitchen. All these are apparatuses that persuade the customer, particularly in light of the fact that they produce feelings, and emotions are a major factor in the dynamic cycle, be they land.

The travel industry

We have just examined how computer generated reality can help in picking a get-away. The huge visit administrators have made virtual voyages through occasion areas, from travels, to lodgings, all with the goal that the future customer knows where he is going, what the occasion will resemble and settle on a simple decision. Moreover, the energy of feeling "as of now there" helps a great deal in settling on a choice. Then, came the virtual voyages through vacation destinations, where the individuals who don't arrive at Rome, for instance, can see it through VR. The individuals who have shown up at the area can get extra data or can return in time with the assistance of augmented reality encounters: regardless of whether we are discussing Rome, Ancient Egypt or some other nation.


Computer generated reality is the following stage that training takes. Regardless of whether we are discussing medication, history or material science, VR is a genuine assistance. There are as of now various applications and encounters in the clinical field, either computer generated reality or increased reality, that assist experts with creating abilities and better see how the human body functions.

For schools, there are now programs created by Google that test kids' creative mind and give them devices to analyze in VR with the laws of physical science or science. Moreover, it gives them augmented reality rides far and wide, and applications with recorded topics help them better comprehend the past and the effect of significant occasions on the present and global relations.

All in all, augmented experience is discovering an ever increasing number of employments, and enterprises are progressively open to utilize. It has demonstrated viable in trainings, saving the time and assets used to do them, in the learning cycle all in all, yet additionally as a showcasing device.
Yeah, sure, virtual reality has its own advantages and disadvantages both, but it could significantly help people in different areas of everyday life. For example, you can try to study 3d visualization and this site https://visengine.com/virtual-reality/5-virtual-reality-facts-you-should-know/ will probably help you with it. There are many trustworthy facts about it.
I adore virtual reality! I tried it many times and I really wanna buy the best headset for it
@wobrbobr Choosing 'the best headset', even if the budget is not an issue, depends on what you want to use the most. What type of content, what sites, at what resolution, etc.
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Careers in IT Industry
Even before the coronavirus struck the world in 2020, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics, and cloud computing had snowballed over recent years. However, they have become essential in today’s society amid the current global health crisis only within a year. There is a strong driving force behind these technological adaptations, demand for jobs, IT industry trends, and individuals with skills and knowledge that meet the requirements of digitally transformed industries and sectors has also increased exponentially. According to Indeed, an online jobs portal, it was reported in 2018 that the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills and jobs in IT industry had more than doubled since 2015, with the number of job postings increasing by 119 percent. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the prominent careers that shall be redefining the technology industry in the future. Whether you wish to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, software development, or data science, what kind of jobs should you search and apply for, and what skills will you require to get hired? Most importantly, how much salary can you expect from the job you have chosen. 1) Machine Learning Engineer: This particular branch of artificial intelligence is ideal for you if you have a desire for a career in a growing and fast-moving industry and a passion for computer science. Machine learning engineers utilize data to create complex algorithms to eventually program a machine to carry out tasks similar to a human. Economic forecasting, natural language processing, and image recognition are implemented in the algorithm so that the machine can learn, improve, and function without human interference. What degree do you require? A knowledgeable background in computer science along with artificial intelligence is a must, and a master’s degree is also essential for a career in software development. 2) UX Designers: User experience (UX) designers are responsible for working on ‘behind-the-scenes’ designs for ensuring that a website, software, or app meets consumers, behaviors, motivations, habits, and needs. More and more companies are turning to social media and digital platforms to promote and sell their products and sellers. It has gotten important, now more than ever before, to ensure a user’s experience and journey are smooth and without any interruptions. What degree do you require? A relevant undergraduate degree, such as computer science, is required. A postgraduate degree works wonders. Furthermore, some professional experience is also a must. 3) Cloud Engineer: Cloud computing has become a saving grace for people who have been working remotely, particularly during the last year. A majority of organizations are actively recruiting hiring people who have the skills and knowledge of incorporating structures and performing cloud-related tasks. Cloud engineers are often referred to by different names, including cloud developers, sysops engineers, and solutions architects. Often the role and responsibilities shall remain the same, including plan, monitor, and manage an organization’s cloud system. However, in some instances, these roles and responsibilities can vary to an extent. Cloud systems that you are usually required to be familiar with include Slack, Google Cloud, and Microsoft 365, only to name a few. What degree do you require? A postgraduate degree is always required, along with the relevant professional experience of some years. 4) Robotics Engineer: In the times of rapidly evolving technology, as a robotics engineer, you shall be required to analyze, configure, reassess, test, and maintain prototypes, robotic components, integrated software, and machines for the manufacturing, mining, and automotive services industries, among other roles and responsibilities. As a robotics engineer, you are required to be patient and apt in rational thinking for performing highly technical jobs. In the coming years, we shall likely see a boom in this job sector and how modern technologies and robotics can help the business, society, and the healthcare sector. What degree do you require? A master’s degree in robotics or computer science can set you up with the skills and knowledge you require for the job. Furthermore, the relative experience is required to break into the field of robotics engineering. 5) Data Scientist: Data scientists’ jobs are not new and are rapidly emerging along with other tech jobs, including cloud engineers, machine learning engineers, and robotics engineers. Data scientists are often considered a hidden gem in any organization. As businesses and organizations gather and use more data every day, the demand for data scientists has increased. With opportunities to work in virtually every sector and industry, from IT to entertainment, manufacturing to healthcare, data scientists are responsible for compiling, processing, analyzing, and presenting data to the organization in order to make more informed decisions. What degree do you require? You are required to have a clear understanding of data science and data analytics to stand out in this field. A relevant postgraduate degree in data science, computational and applied mathematics, or e-science can help you breakthrough in this field and develop data-driven skills. These are some top jobs in software industry that are expected to be in high demand in the coming future.
"AR글래스 쓰고 포켓몬 잡는다"
SK텔레콤 5G 킬러서비스 확보에 시동 걸다....매직리프 · 나이언틱과 5G 동맹 체결 SK텔레콤이 5G 킬러서비스 확보에 시동을 걸었다. 조만간 국내에서 증강현실(AR) 글래스를 쓰고 포켓몬을 잡는 AR 게임을 즐길 수 있는 세상이 열린다. SK텔레콤은 26일(현지시간) MW 주전시장에서 세계적인 AR기기 제조사 '매직리프(Magic Leap)' 및 포켓몬고로 유명한 글로벌 AR콘텐츠기업 나이언틱과 5G사업 공동 추진을 위한 전략적 제휴를 각각 체결했다. 매직리프는 AR글래스 등 차세대 기기 분야에서 가장 앞선 기술 기업이다. 미국 플로리다에서 2010년 창업한 이 회사의 기업 가치는 약 64억 달러(약 7조2000억원)다. 이 회사는 구글·알리바바·AT&T 등 글로벌 ICT기업으로부터 누적 24억 5000억 달러(약 2조8000억원)를 투자 받기도 했다. 특히 지난해 매직리프가 출시한 AR글래스 '매직리프 원'은 현재까지 출시된 AR글래스 중 가장 뛰어난 성능을 가진 스마트폰을 대체할 차세대 디바이스라는 평가를 받고 있다. 양사는 ▲5G AR서비스 및 사업모델 공동 개발 ▲5G, AR 기술 공동 R&D ▲AR 생태계를 위한 콘텐츠 확보 ▲한국 AR 개발자 커뮤니티 지원 등 다양한 분야에서 협력키로 했다. 양사 협력의 궁극적인 목표는 AR로 구현된 현실·가상세계 복합 공간 '디지털 월드'에서 엔터테인먼트, 커머스, 소셜커뮤니티, B2B 등 다양한 사업을 추진에 있다. AR글래스를 착용한 이용자가 ▲집안 거실에 가상의 초대형 TV를 여러 대 동시에 놓고 고개를 돌려 원하는 채널을 보거나 ▲복합 쇼핑몰에서는 현실세계와 결합돼 쉽게 길안내를 받을 수 있으며 ▲가게에 들어가지 않고도 메뉴를 3D로 미리 보고 예약할 수 있다. 또한 산업 현장에서 실제 사물 위에 AR로 나타난 작업 가이드에 따라 미숙련공도 효율적으로 작업할 수 있어 산업 생산성도 획기적으로 높일 수 있다. 양사 비전을 실현하기 위해 SK텔레콤은 ▲5G 관련 기술 ▲현실 세계를 가상으로 복제하는 ‘5G 하이퍼 스페이스 플랫폼(eSpace)’ ▲AR콘텐츠를 자유자재로 생성하고 공유하는 ‘T리얼 플랫폼’ 등을 매직리프에 제공한다. SK텔레콤이 수년간 키워온 한국 AR콘텐츠 생태계와 매직리프의 생태계를 연결하는 작업도 병행한다. 아울러 SK텔레콤은 26일 세계적인 AR콘텐츠 업체 나이언틱과도 전략적 제휴를 맺었다. 나이언틱은 2010년 구글에서 분사한 AR 콘텐츠 업체로, 2016년 AR게임 포켓몬고를 출시해 연 매출 10억 달러(약 1조 1200억)의 유니콘 기업으로 성장했다. 양사는 이번 협력을 통해 향후 ▲5G AR 콘텐츠 제휴 ▲5G 특성을 활용한 신규 게임 기술 개발 ▲지역기반 AR 플랫폼 구축 등 공동 R&D 및 서비스 출시를 추진한다.
SK텔레콤, 서울 한복판에 5G기반 ‘5G 스마트오피스’공개
사람과 공간, 디바이스, 센서 등 데이터를 주고 받으며, 시·공간 제약 없이 업무 가능 SK텔레콤이 5G기반의 스마트팩토리에 이어 ‘5G 스마트오피스’를 13일 공개했다. SK텔레콤에 따르면 5G 스마트오피스는 5G를 통해 사람과 공간, 디바이스, 센서 등이 거미줄처럼 엮여 데이터를 주고 받으며, 시·공간 제약 없이 업무가 가능한 곳이다. 5G를 통해 직원들은 홀로그램 입체영상과 같은 대용량 데이터를 원거리에 있는 파트너에게 바로 전송하거나 실시간으로 협업이 가능해 업무를 더 편리하고 효율적으로 처리할 수 있다. 또, 회의실 예약 추천, 냉난방 가동 등 단순한 업무는 AI가 대신 처리해준다. SK텔레콤은 이번에 구축한 5G 스마트 오피스를 테스트베드로 운영하면서 클라우드 사업자, 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어 파트너사, 보안솔루션 기업 등 다양한 업체들과 파트너십을 통해 사업모델을 구체화하는 방안을 검토할 계획이다. SK텔레콤은 5G 스마트오피스의 사무실 천장, 주차장, 복도는 물론이고 지능형 CCTV, AI자판기, 심지어 화장실 문고리에도 IoT 센서를 설치했다. 이 센서를 통해 공간의 온도와 밝기, 습도 등의 환경, 기기 상태, 이용빈도 등 각종 정보가 실시간으로 수집돼 서버에 전송된다. 수집된 데이터를 통해 최적의 업무 환경을 제공할 수 있도록 에어컨 등을 제어하고, 공간 사용 정보를 분석해 사용 빈도가 낮은 공간에 대한 재배치 등 효율적인 공간 관리가 이뤄진다. 이런 과정은 AI 기반 딥러닝(Deep Learning) 기술이 자동으로 처리해준다. 5G와 AI를 도입한 오피스, 빌딩 등이 확대되면 대량의 센서와 디바이스에서 막대한 양의 데이터가 수집된다. SK텔레콤은 1㎢내 100만 개 기기 동시 연결이 가능한 매시브 IoT(Massive IoT) 기술을 통해 더욱 효율적인 자원관리, 시스템 관제, 보안 등이 가능할 것으로 전망하고 있다.
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Time is one of the best gifts you can give to your organization. Employees often suffer from routine and repetitive tasks that prevent them from focusing on more fulfilling, high-value jobs. Your team prefers to engage in long-term business growth and smart strategies if they have more time. Many of the day-to-day business activities have grown into self-employed and can help reduce repetitive tasks. For example, if your sales team had more time for selling and high-level planning instead of filling out reports, for instance. When employees are stuck in the process of repeating data entry and monitoring activities, valuable time is wasted and can be spent on strategies and business development. Also, these types of tasks are quick and easy to manage on their own and are generally less important. If your business isn’t automating at least some of the following tasks, you’re taking precious time away from your teams that could be better spent Some of the low-hanging fruit from automation: Sales order creation Routine customer service communications and notifications Order processing Basic human resources tasks Accounting tasks and financial report generation Materials requirement planning Product and service delivery Project management Inventory management Invest in Automation to Save Time Can the ERP software be able to automate these tasks? The main advantage of ERP is the ability to automate and implement business operations and develop better employees and organizations. The sharing and distribution of data and processes makes it easy for different departments to share data and integrate without any hassle. If you aren’t taking advantage of these automations to give your teams more time to focus on higher-value tasks, you’re doing a major disservice to your company. If you do not have an ERP system in place, you should consider investing. ERP utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to a standardized business model to deliver quality and storage value across the business environment. It also provides team members with valuable tools to help them perform better. ERP improves the entire process, from real-time viewing of product samples to direct access to customer data and history. This not only helps team members, but saves valuable time and allows you to focus on business growth and planning. How cloud ERP can help you reduce business costs, automate day-to-day operations, and most importantly, give your team valuable time? The Internet of Things (IoT) which is integrated with the design of business resources also allows integration and development in all environments using a small sensor. This allows you to track products and accessories as they navigate. The result is longer life expectancy, reduced maintenance costs, and time savings. The IoT provides more information on how customers use the product. This helps improve product design and advertising efforts, especially because organizations have more free time to focus on these types of efforts. If you are not using ERP Software to manage your day-to-day operations and do not give your team time, you need to adjust your current system. Increasing productivity and directing and simplifying work as a whole is important to provide team members when they need to focus on developing their business. The ERP system may not be implemented and may refuse to invest. Our guide explains how cloud ERP can reduce business costs, automate day-to-day operations, and, most importantly, give your team valuable time.
Future in the world of IT
Today, Information Technology is a word known to almost every second person on the entire planet. From the starting of the 20th century, Information technology has been one of the most job-giving industries in the world. Learn Best Java Development Courses. The invention of the telephone by Mr. Graham Bells can be said as the start of the IT era. After it, computers and the internet were a milestone in the journey. During the pandemic, the Information Technology sector has gained its due importance as the world was seated at home still the world economy wheels were moving with help of the Information Technology industry. In the 21st century, Information technology is the biggest job maker industry of the world economy, and most of the revenue of the world economy is generated from Information technology and its affiliated industries and sectors. It is trending at top of the charts with the number one place in today’s world. Software Development has been the one of most important pillars of the IT industry. With the global wave of digitalization, it has become the most emerging career in the sector. It is providing highly payable jobs among all the industries. Here are the key jobs trending in the Information Technology sector. · Artificial Intelligence- Artificial Intelligence is the new age technology emerging rapidly in the world. Artificial intelligence is simply a machine developed into human-like intelligence but without human emotions. · Robotics Science – Robotics science is the branch of AI but in terms of technology and career, it also has equal importance in the IT industry. · Quantum Computing – Quantum Computing is hard to define in few words. It can be said that quantum computing is to make computers or develop them to do quantum calculations. · 5G- As communications have become a worldwide necessity for humans, even faster data transmission has more value than anything else, 5G is the key future Jobs in Information Technology. 5G technology will enable · Data Scientist Data Science has become an integral part of information Technology as all the systems are data-oriented. · Cloud Technology With the emerging data technology, Cloud technology will be the future of the Information Technology sector. · Software Testing · Cyber Security · Blockchain Developer · Computer Network Analyst · Software Developer · Project manager May it be Silicon Valley or Singapore or Bengaluru, all-important tech hubs and IT parks have become financial capitals in their respective countries as they are offering the best jobs in Information Technology Industry. Here is the list of high-paying jobs in the IT sector. · Data Scientist · Cloud Engineer · Web Developer · Software testing · System Engineer · Software Engineer In the Global Information technology industry, the Indian IT sector has continued to grow even after the pandemic and it had recorded 2.7 percent growth in the fiscal year. With the pandemic, concerns were made that the IT industry will saw job cuts and a decrease in productivity but after lockdown, the industry was first among other industries to recover and continue its growth.
Standard Guide 2020 : Fix Roku Remote Troubleshooting Issues | rokucomlink.net
Are you experience issues with your Roku remote? Then do not afraid of that. Hereabouts we furnish you simple steps to fix Roku remote issues. Also, you can get guidelines from our well-qualified Roku.com support team. When you follow the troubleshooting steps, ensure that you inserted a new set of batteries in Roku remote. Let’s discuss the steps to troubleshoot the Roku remote issues: STEP 1: Check that you have a new battery in your Roku remote * Remove the battery from your Roku remote and insert it again. * Next, watch for the LED to flash, make sure you have a good set of batteries. * If LED is not flash, try to use new or fresh collection battery. STEP 2: Pairing the remote again * First and foremost, open the battery slot by removing the battery cover. * Press the pairing button till you see the pairing LED start to flash * Furthermore, the dialog box of the remote pairing will show on your device screen. STEP 3: Power-cycling the Roku player then remote * Remove the power from the Roku player, and then plug the Roku player back. * Roku player is fully booted discard the batteries from the Roku remote. * After that again insert the battery and check for working. STEP 4: Try to pair the remote again. * Open the battery portion by eliminating the battery. * Then hold the pairing key and let go when you view the pairing LED begin flashing. * Afterward, pairing message will display on your TV screen. STEP 5: Clearing and re-pairing the remote. * Open the battery portion by eliminating the battery. * Unplug the power supply from your Roku streaming device. * Press A and B keys on your Roku remote and then push the pairing button on the remote while still holding down the A and B buttons. * Connect again the power supply on the Roku player. * Set the remote into pairing by pushing the pairing button till the pairing LED flashes. * Formerly the Roku player is completely rebooted, you can see the pairing notification on the screen within a few seconds and your Roku player will join or pair with the remote. Remote acceptance and conservation tips: * Keep your remote clean and dry. * IR remotes require a line of sight view while pointing to the Roku player. * Replacing your batteries with a pair of the same brand is recommended. Are you still suffering from issues with your Roku remote? Then do not think too much about that. Simply visit http roku com link. Here you can get instant solutions regarding your issues. Stay in touch with us.
'스타워즈' 다스 베이더 VR 게임 '베이더 임모탈' 2019년 공개
VR 기기 및 프로그램 제작사 '오큘러스'가 26일 회사 키노트 스피치에서 영화 <스타워즈>의 '다스 베이더'를 주인공으로 한 VR 게임 <베이더 임모탈>을 발표했다. 공개된 내용에 따르면 <베이더 임모탈>의 배경은 <에피소드 3: 시스의 복수>(2005)와 <에피소드 4: 새로운 희망>(1977) 사이며 다스 베이더가 은하 제국의 핵심에 오르고 제다이 기사단과 일전을 벌이는 시점에 해당한다. 제작진은 게임의 자세한 줄거리에 대해 "<스타워즈> 세계관에서 아직 공개되지 않은 새로운 이야기를 배경으로 제작하고 있다"고 밝혔다. 오큘러스는 스피치를 통해 "플레이어는 <스타워즈> 세계로 들어가 시리즈의 상징적인 악당 조직과 상호작용할 수 있으며 적들에 맞서 직접 광선검을 들고 피튀기는 결투를 벌일 수 있다"고 밝혔다. 또 "게임에서는 시리즈에 등장하는 화산 행성이자 다스 베이더의 궁전이 있는 '무스타파' 등 <스타워즈> 세계관에 등장하는 다양한 공간을 탐험할 수 있다"고 발표했다. <베이더 임모탈>의 제작에는 <다크나이트>, <맨 오브 스틸>의 각본을 맡은 유명 히어로물 각본가 '데이비드 고이어', 루카스필름 산하 스튜디오 'ILMxLAB', <데빌 메이 크라이>와 <헬블레이드>를 제작한 게임 제작사 '닌자 시어리'가 참여하고 있다. 오큘러스는 2019년 봄 판매를 시작하는 VR 전용 게이밍 기기 '오큘러스 퀘스트'에 50여 가지 게임을 플레이할 수 있게 할 것이라고 발표했는데, <베이더 임모탈>도 이 50가지 게임에 포함된다.