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Steps To Setup HP Officejet 6950 Printer

To start your first printing experience, you must set up a 123 hp com/oj6950 printer. Remove the external plasters and then follow the instructions to start printing, scanning, and copying your files. Follow the steps to configure the hp printer settings.

Configure Windows Update to automatically download driver software

Updating the HP driver software periodically will keep your printer running smoothly. After the updated version of the printer driver has been released, you must install the new printer drivers on your computer at This is a vital step in receiving all the advanced features on your printer. You need a good internet connection to update your oj6950 printer driver. The printer device will automatically update the printer drivers when setup is automatic. You can also do it manually, but the automatic update is much more preferable. Follow the steps below to find your way to the automatic update from www support hp com.
On the printer's control panel, look for the update message. From the home screen, select the Settings option. Go to Tools and choose Update Printer. Choose the Install Automatically option in the Printer Update option.

Unpack your HP OfficeJet 6950-123 printer hp com/oj6950

First, open the box of the HP OfficeJet 6950 printer and you will find the software installation CD for Windows and Mac. If you lose this disc, you can download the printer driver software 123 hp com/oj6950 from the official website of HP. Use the setup poster that comes with the package for the setup process from 123 hp com oj6950 setup. Then. Use the step-by-step instructions to complete the printer setup process. Use the Getting Started Guide for additional information and the troubleshooting method. While you can get more information about the printer and its service with the Instant Ink service plan. You can find the complete set of ink cartridges, which is important for basic printer setup 123 hp com/setup 6950. However, avoid using local ink cartridges as replacement cartridges.

Use the power cord included with the printer package for connecting the printer. It is recommended to use the power cord together with the package for the power connection. Use a two-wire phone cord for the fax connection. Now, gently remove the printer from the box by pulling on the plastic bag. Set the box and styrofoam aside, they can be reused. All packaging materials are recyclable. More information can be found at 123 hp com/setup 6950. Now remove all the blue tape and protective plastic around the printer device. After that, open the output tray and get rid of all packing materials. Lift the scanner lid and remove the styrofoam sheet. Connect the power cord to the rear end of the printer and to the electrical outlet.

How to set up / install the HP Officejet 6950 printer

To enjoy the first printing experience, you must configure the printer. You must follow the instructions below to properly configure the hp 123 printers.

Carefully remove the printer from the box. The Officejet 6950 printer will have tape and packaging materials on the outside.
Remove all the stickers from the box, then open the outer door and remove the packing material from inside the printer 123 hp com/setup 6950.
Then connect the power cord to supply the constant power connection. Set preferences such as language, country, time, and date.
Remove the tape from the ink cartridge. Do not touch the ink cartridge contacts or the ink nozzles.
Install the ink cartridges in the correct slots carefully. Put a sufficient amount of paper in the paper tray.
Finally, align the ink cartridges to achieve the best print quality.

Installing HP Officejet 6950 Ink Cartridges

123 The ink cartridges for the HP Officejet 6950 printer are separated. One black and one tri-color ink cartridges, which must be installed in separate holders for each ink cartridge. This hp Officejet 6950 all-in-one printer has the added benefit of instant ink installation. This instantly ready ink installation allows your hp Officejet 6950 printer to never run out of ink. You simply need to choose the time period for the instant ready ink activation. This will bring your hp Officejet 6950 printer ink right to your doorstep.

HP generally recommends the use of high-quality Original HP ink cartridges specifically designed to fit your HP Officejet 6950 printer. You should be careful when choosing your printer ink. Choosing the wrong printer ink can damage your HP high-yield ink. Also available for this hp Officejet 6950 printer. To install ink cartridges in 123 hp Officejet 6950 printer.

HP OfficeJet 6950 Wireless Configuration

HP Wireless Direct Connect is used to establish a secure connection between the printer and your device. Generally, it helps you to easily connect your mobile phone to the printer without the wireless router. HP printer software is required to start the printing process. However, you can easily manage the wireless direct connection from the printer's control panel. HP Wireless Direct Connect provides a secure connection that enables the user to print the file, document, and photos securely. Before starting the wireless direct connection, install the printer software on your printer and computing device. You can get instructions from the printer's control panel. Select the connection type as "Via Network", "Network" or "Wireless" and complete the software installation process.


In this post, we share all the steps to set up an HP wireless printer. All steps are simple. After following the above steps still, you face any issue, for that you can contact us to fix the “123 hp com oj6950 setup” issue. We have the best team of technicians. You can contact us at anytime our expert technicians are available 24*7 for your help.
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