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Publisher name: Brevity: A Journal of Conciser Literary Nonfiction Styles published: Literary (creative) non-fiction. Mission: To publish essays (750 words or less) by both emerging and well-known authors. Their focus is on the brief, also known as "flash nonfiction." You can read many of their pieces online, and also subscribe at their website. Website:
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This is an interesting concept; forcing everything to be shorter. But wouldn't the occasional long work be nice?
@amog32 sure, yes, but have you ever realized how much harder it is to say something in 10 words than 100?
@greggr I hadn't given it much thought. Isn't 100 words harder because it takes more time and more words to complete?
@amog32 More space and words yes, more time--not necessarily. Sometimes its much harder to convey a lot of info only 10 to 20 words compared to 100 words. Try it!
@greggr I'm starting to see what you mean--I can't convey all I want in just 10 or 20 words!