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Telerehabilitation is a new branch of telemedicine. The services of therapeutic rooms and gyms with special medical devices and devices at least once in a lifetime were needed by each of us. But 90% of people try not to pay attention to painful sensations in the lower back, lumbago or sharp pains not at all because of indifference to their health. Telerehabilitation is an opportunity to continue rehabilitation sessions after the patient is discharged from the hospital. Television classes allow you to accompany the long process of rehabilitation and adaptation, to control the dynamics of the state. Telerehabilitation (or e-rehabilitation is the delivery of rehabilitation services via telecommunication networks and the Internet. Telerehabilitation edmonton allows patients to interact remotely with health care providers and can be used both to assess the condition of patients and to provide therapy.

In fact, telerehabilitation is an independent implementation of a program of rehabilitation treatment by a patient at the outpatient stage of treatment under remote control and guidance from a specialist doctor. The goal of telemedicine rehabilitation (telerehabilitation) of patients is rapid social and labor adaptation, the maximum possible restoration of functions, self-care and work skills.

Telerehabilitation aims to accomplish two tasks:
• increasing the functionality of the patient in his own life environment;
• provision of therapeutic assistance.