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Arang is the first woman in Joseon to wear sneakers
love her hanbok. guess they're not filming the feet
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hahahah... what would happen to the scene if they did a whole body shot on it....that would be hilarious....!!
guys in which website i can possibly watch latest K.dramas? any suggestion guys? madly need it. tnx alot ..i used to open dramacrazy and viki. is there is any other website?cause sometime its not working in my area it blocked. thankz alot. =)
@jhunaamk...for live streaming with live eng subs go to ionair.tv and without english sub go to http://kr.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/zxtv/?id=KBS2# or http://www.tv650.com/tv/146.htm... i go to dramacrazy.net too the day after it is aired to watch it with english subs.. there's epdrama.com, mysoju.com...enjoy!!