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Summer blockbuster season is here, and one of the big films opening this weekend is X-Men: Days of Future Past. Any time a big ensemble movie opens, it's fun to re-imagine it if our favorite K-drama leads were in the roles instead! If the X-Men were played by K-drama stars, here's who I would cast: 1. Young Charles Xavier: Lee Jong Suk The young Professor X is an interesting mix of idealistic, stubborn, wise, and empathetic. Lee Jong Suk would bring his fresh energy and talent for complex characters to the screen. 2. Young Eric Lehnsherr: Yoo Ah In Fans of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Secret Love Affair know that Yoo Ah In has what it takes to show Magneto's dark side without turning him into a monster. He certainly has the charisma for the character! 3. Wolverine: Cha Seung Won With dramas like Athena and You Are All Surrounded under his belt, Cha Seung Won has proven that he can carry an action film. Toss in his natural talent for growing facial hair and his gruff charm, and you have the perfect Wolverine on your hands. 4. Mystique: Jeon Ji Hyun The My Love from Another Star actress has the right mixture of sexy and tough to play the conflicted Mystique. 5. Storm: Ha Ji Won Why would you ever cast an action K-drama without including Ha Ji Won? Of course you wouldn't! Ha Ji Won would kick some serious butt as Storm. Can't you just see her glowing eyes now? 6. Rogue: Shin Min Ah Shin Min Ah is great at playing eager, vulnerable characters. I. for one, think that a Shin Min Ah/Cha Seung Won friendship would be precious. 7. Beast: Song Joong Ki Is this choice partly fueled by daydreams that Joong Ki would be back from his enlistment? Maybe. But we also already know from A Werewolf Boy that he looks good with fur on his face. 8. Cyclops: Ryu Soo Young I know that Cyclops and Jean aren't in this X-Men movie, but they're classic X-Men, so we have to include them! Ryu Soo Young has already played the nice, stable boyfriend against Lee Joon Ki's bad boy in Two Weeks, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine him here. 9. Jean Grey/Phoenix: Kim Sun Ah Kim Sun Ah has the ability to command a screen. She could go from the mild-mannered and practical doctor to the ferocious Phoenix.
Love wolverine cha seung won
that would be so exciting f it they realy do. . .i'd love to watch it :-)
ahahahaaaaaa hope soon I will have all my fav. actors in a long long drama and Binnie here unnie diva .pls
Love the cast
I would watch this is a heartbeat too!!! I love the cast!!!!!!