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T-ara’s Eunjung recently released her room on a TV program. On the episode of KBS2’s Life of the Stars that aired on July 12, the lives of T-ara’s seven members were featured. Eunjung revealed her room, which looked extremely neat and tidy. With this, the T-ara beauty proved that she was obsessed with tidying up and keeping things clean. Even small cosmetic cases and props, categorized by shape and size, were lined up on her dressing table. Eunjung said, “It takes me like twenty minutes to decide where to put tiny things. I don’t know why I do that.” She added, “Sometimes I change the order of things by color or anything else. I try various things.” Netizens responded: “Twenty minutes to decide where to put things!” “I don’t even decide where to put things.” “I see there are some celebrities who like to organize things.” Source: Xportsnews via