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Recently, 2NE1 chatted with 10,000 netizens online. On July 11, the group had an online conversation with 10,000 fans through Me2day Star Chatting. Those who could not get an access to the room watched the conversation on the chatting window. Various entertainers have chatted with their fans through Star Chatting already, but 2NE1 attracted the greatest number of netizens which adds up to 10,000. During the chat, Sandara Park said, “Please invite Won Bin oppa to our concert! I’ll pay for the ticket lol” showing her affection for the actor in public once again. Since her debut, she has always answered Won Bin if anyone asked her ideal type. Members and their fans mainly talked about the group’s global tour concert, “New Evolution,” which will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Bangi-dong, Seoul on July 28 and 29. A fan asked, “What is the secret weapon of your concert this time?” and 2NE1 answered, “You can check that out at the concert.” Park Bom revealed her love for her fans as she said, “The first thing I want to do on the concert is to see my fans from the stage.” Sandara showed her high expectations for the global tour concert because none of the girl groups has ever done it before. She said, “It feels like I’m still dreaming. I know I will be very much loaded from this point, but I’ll so excited.” CL who joined the conversation with a poor skill at typing, “You guys are typing too fast. Please slow down.” Unlike her charisma on stage, she appealed with a cute charm. The group is currently busy preparing for the Seoul concert of “New Evolution,” which will be held on the 28th and the 29th of July. Source: TV Report via