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Who Is the Best pound For Pound in the World of Boxing?

The Thailand is a country very well known for its boxing culture, as since the 60's a lot of world champions also shone in this very unique style of boxing. With the boxers from Mexico, Thailand and Japan, these Thai fighters are also members of several countries that dominate the world's circuit in very small fields. You may ask why the boxing has become so popular here in Thailand. There are many answers to that question. วิจารณ์ มวยไทย ออนไลน์ One of these is the fact that the Muay Thai is not only a sport but also a culture and a way of life.

One of the very distinct features of the Muay Thai is that it consists of fighters of various different weight classes. This is exactly the opposite of other combative sports. The other reason is that Muay Thai is much more than just hitting the opponent. It requires an excellent bodyweight strategy, an accurate strategy and a lot of persistence and patience.

The most outstanding fighter in Thailand right now is the WBC super lightweight champion Sod Koper. He has been training very hard for his WBA title fight against former titleholder Diego Couture. The fight takes place on July 9 at Kepong International Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be an amazing encounter for the lovers of boxing and for the lovers of martial arts.

Another impressive fighter is the WBA super featherweight champion Ajarnail Singh. He too has trained extremely hard for his fight against compatriot Ajith Kumar. Both athletes have earned a lot of respect in the boxing world. In addition to these fighters, there are a lot of other great fighters that have fought recently in Thailand. These include Nonito Donaire, Omari Singh, Ruben Cuevas, Kanji Ujong, Krissile Odong and many others. Each one of them is a big favorite to win the championship.

Two more fighters that have a fighting chance for the belt are Sang Hyun Kim and Krissile Odong. Kim has won four of his last five bouts while Odong has tasted defeat twice. Kim is the odds on favorite to win the middleweight title at sometime in the near future. However, it is not a definite certainty. His last fight was against Yodel Mendoza. It was supposed to be a title defense but Kim lost the fight by first round submission.

In the past, there were two titles in World Boxing Super Cup that have been decided by a knockout. The first one was fought between Sang Hyun Kim and Krissile Odong. The second one was fought between Nonito Donaire and Nonio Donaire. Those bouts took place in December of 2021 and both fighters looked like they had no problems in answering the question, who is the best pound for pound? The answer may still be up in the air, but there are many people that will have their answer before the month is over.