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Kim Hyun Joong recently lost some of his body fat successfully. On July 10, Kim gave an interview to a Japanese magazine and said that he lost his body fat to shoot the TV series City Conquest. The series is based on a comic book with the same title about a boy who only has mother and tries to revenge a social evil. Kim will play the main character and Jung Yoo Mi will play the role of a girl who was born to have a love destiny. Kim says, “I went to an action school to learn the moves so I could impress my fans and the audience. I’m on a diet and I exercise to lose body fat and to gain muscles. There is not much change in my weight but I lost 7 percent of my body fat.” People responded: “He must have been trying very hard.” “I can’t wait to see his action.” “He is amazing.” “I want to watch the series soon.” The series will be shown all over the world, including, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, and Swiss. Besides Kim, Nam Goong Min, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Hee Won, and Park Hyo Joon will appear on the series, which is planning to air at the end of this year. Source: TV Report via
What body fat.....Where?????
pliss..send me more information about this drama series
really looking forward to this drama series.
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