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Decided to read the book before i watch the newly released movie!! And so far, its really good! Such a heart warming and beautiful story! it is somehow similar to A walk to remember but its also different in so many ways!! No wonder its a Bestseller and also have a huge fan base for the movie!! Must read/watch!:)
@pixiececi i don't want to rush you but... you should! hahaha the first time i read it I was stuck on my bed for basically like 7-8 hours and just read it through! haahh and then continued on with what's left with my day but i think that was just me because i tend to have this thing where if i am drawn to a book then i would not sleep just to read! haha
@amelisasantos10 Sounds like a captivating book @pixiececi I just ordered the book online. I'm so excited to read it.
@ameliasantos10 No not yet but im getting closer! its really hard with all the school projects;(:( @strawberrychip im happy u decided to try it, im sure u would enjoy it like we did!!
@pixiececi have you finished the book??? it definitely goes beyond my expectation and like put me on a roller coaster!~ @strawberrychip it definitely is captivating and well alot more too! it is one of those book where it's hard to put down!
@strawberrychip u should definately read the book! I always try to read the book before i watch the movie and its so interesting to be provided with a visual version of the book! its also fun to compare your mental picture with the movie! @ameliasantos10 im so in love with this book! its so beautifully written and i also have a thing for young romance novels (who doesnt?)! :)
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