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Airtracks for outdoor training

You most likely know this already - but an Airtrack gym mat for outdoor training can be an expensive investment for many parents. So for most of them, it makes a lot of sense to save some money and find a good Airtrack offer. But what exactly should you pay attention to when buying cheap Airtracks for the garden or for your living room? There are especially 2 important things you should keep in mind when buying an Airtrack for yourself or your child. The first and most important is of course quality. There are many cheap Airtracks for sale on Chinese websites. Many of these are often a lot cheaper than those you find at european dealers. But often there are 2 problems with the cheapest Airtracks you buy online, one is performance. You can basically not expect to be able to get the same height on your jumps if you use cheap model. For beginners, this may not be that important, but as you become a better gymnast or more experienced on the Airtrack, performance begins to become an important factor for many. The main reason people often buy an Airtrack, is to get this additional height on their jumps. More height equals more fun for most.
The other problem we often see with the cheap models is that the quality is far below what you get, when you decide to pay a little extra for a quality model. You can be sure that a cheap Chinese Airtrack does not hold up particularly well.

The biggest problem with a very large part of cheap Airtracks, also several quality brands, is that they contain harmful chemicals. Substances such as Phthalates used to soften plastics, and are used in almost 90% of all Air tracks. The problem with Phthalates is that this drug has been shown to be endocrine disrupting in humans, which is certainly not healthy to let its children "play" with. If we look at the Danish Airtrack models, there are p.t. only a manufacturer that focuses on producing its Airtracks without the use of Phthalates - The Danish company GymPlay which produces Airtracks, trampolines and other gym equipment for sports. Just like you can see in this example of a sports webshop.

Airtrack H10 Flipz

One of the cheapest Airtrack models you can get, which is complete free of Phthalates and with high quality and performance is the new Airtrack Flipz from GymPlay.
Here you can get a model that is 10cm in height and 3 meters in length for a price that is much below other quality brands, which is the main reason I can recommend this one. It's the perfect beginners Airtrack.
This is actually a really good Airtrack for the slightly younger ones who want to use it for play or training indoors or out in the garden. Something most kids will enjoy a lot.
The relatively short length of 3 meters means that many will also be able to find space for it indoors, on days when the road is not ready for outdoor training.
A really nice model for the price. and they become 3 meters too short after some time, and if you have a friend who also has a FlipZ H10, then with a velcro connector can be put together into a single 6 meter model. This is really cool because it gives you a lot more options. A much better solution than using a big 6 or 7 meter model. I would go with 2 smaller ones any time. I love the fact that you can use the smaller one indoor, and combine them outdoor. Here in Denmark the weather isn't always good enough for outdoor training.

Airtracks are a great tool for home training, and a good way to keep your children active and motivated. Unlike most trampolines, the users don't get bored with the Air tracks quite as easily and tend to use them for several years. Not only is it great physical training, but it's also tons of fun at the same time.
This was a short Vingle about Airtracks, a cool new gymnastic mat that more and more people are starting to love.