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Understanding the Need of RFID Technology in Schools

RFID (radio frequency identification) has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the globe. Even though primarily used in the retail industry, it lately became an integral part of the schools. The following write-up explores how RFID works and why exactly schools started using this technology. Please check them out right now.

How RFID Works?
RFID utilizes radio waves to spot a person or a product no matter how far he/she or it is. Owing to being safe and comfortable, the technology impressed a major segment of the population.

While everyone knows that retailers all across the globe admitted being benefited by RFID, very few are aware that the educational sector of different nations has decided to make an investment too.

Every student is given an RFID tag. The parents and teachers receive text messages when they get down or on the bus, enter the school, and return home. The location, along with date and time, are recorded and sent to a vast database.

Role of RFID in Schools
Transporting students is considered a significant responsibility for both the school authorities and parents. It determines the capacity and efficiency of organizational leadership.

RFID solutions are convenient for the parents, schools, teachers, and school staff, including the transport personnel, caretaker, and everyone involved in taking students to school and then home.

Schools are leveraging RFID because of the below-mentioned benefits:

1. Automated Attendance
Teachers have a lot on their plate, and they would appreciate it if some of their burdens can be reduced. For example, they would prefer not to take attendance manually every day. The RFID chip embedded in the children’s ID card paves the way for automated attendance.

2. Parents Get Alerts about their Kids
The children’s activities are constantly monitored, and parents know about all of them in a seamless manner. As soon the student enters the school and the classroom, the parents are alerted. They can now carry out the day-to-day chores with complete peace of mind. RFID ensures the child is tracked until he/she reaches the desired destination safely.

3. In Canteens and Libraries
RFIDs can also help in tracking the books in the school library. The authority will know exactly how many books they have in stock; thus, there will be little chance of them getting misplaced. Amazing, right? One can keep the books in an orderly fashion and get access to them without hassle.

With RFID tags, the kids do not have to carry money to pay for canteens' food. The price of whatever they eat will be automatically deducted from their parents’ account, and a message will be sent right away.

Despite surveillance cameras and other precautionary measures, kidnapping cases are increasing at a considerable pace. This actually created the need for RFID. Thanks to the chip attached to the identity card, one will be able to find out the location of the children. Notifications are sent after every couple of minutes.

Rely on a genuine supplier if you wish to procure durable RFIDs for an affordable price. Prior to making the purchase, please see if the technology has all the features required to track children.