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Several Korean idol groups received the Golden Disc in Japan. On July 13, the Record Association in Japan reported that T-ara’s first album, Jewelry Box, released on June 6 in Japan, received the Golden Disc. The Golden Disc is given to artists who sell over 100,000 copies of their albums. SNSD and 2PM also received the Golden Disc for their singles. SNSD received it for “Paparazzi,” released on June 27, and 2PM received it for “Beautiful.” With this, T-ara, SNSD, and 2PM proved their high popularity both in Korea and Japan. SNSD also set a meaningful record in Japan. SNSD’s first full-length album, Girls’ Generation, released on June 1, received the Million, which is given to artists who sell over a million copies of their album. The Record Association in Japan recently made an announcement about it again on its official website. T-ara and 2PM are now active in both Korea and Japan. Recently releasing a new material, T-ara topped the charts with “Day By Day,” and 2PM are currently preparing to release a new album at the end of this year. Source: Starnews
i love snsd and t-ara but still snsd in my heart
i love snsd