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This info-graphic compiles information from goodreads' website about why people say they do not complete books. While the top 5 most abandoned books and classics didn't really surprise me, I was surprised by the number of people who stop reading a book! Less than 50% of readers will finish a book, even if they don't like it. For me, even if I find the writing awful or the plot lacking, I need to know what happens. I can only think of two occasions where I abandoned a book, and that's because renewing the book wasn't worth it. Usually, I'll push through just to know the details! Would you abandon a book? Why?
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Perhaps it's because I find mistakes and poor writing within my own work, but I'll read to the end regardless. Sometimes, you need to ingest the whole thing and let it settle before you can find out what it really was.
@amog32 Precisely. I'm on your side; I'd never out it down! But I guess there are those who would. @greggr I couldn't agree more! Often the last 50 pages of a book change my opinion of it entirely.
@timeturnerjones One such book that comes to mind is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
@timeturnerjones There are those who would put it down, and they would miss out endlessly.
@greggr I didn't read Gone Girl yet; I was worried it wasn't worth all the hype. Did the last 50 pages change your mind in a good way?