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This info-graphic compiles information from goodreads' website about why people say they do not complete books. While the top 5 most abandoned books and classics didn't really surprise me, I was surprised by the number of people who stop reading a book! Less than 50% of readers will finish a book, even if they don't like it. For me, even if I find the writing awful or the plot lacking, I need to know what happens. I can only think of two occasions where I abandoned a book, and that's because renewing the book wasn't worth it. Usually, I'll push through just to know the details! Would you abandon a book? Why?
@amog32 Precisely. I'm on your side; I'd never out it down! But I guess there are those who would. @greggr I couldn't agree more! Often the last 50 pages of a book change my opinion of it entirely.
@timeturnerjones There are those who would put it down, and they would miss out endlessly.
If there is a weak plot, or weak writing, I'll be out before 100 pages! The only time I go back is if a friend assures me it gets better, and even then I'm reluctant!
For me, I don't always read straight thru to the end, but later I'll get curious and come back to the book, if only to skim a bit. I'm really surprised to see The Lord of the Rings on here--I know its long but the scenery and world just keep me turning the pages.
@greggr I didn't read Gone Girl yet; I was worried it wasn't worth all the hype. Did the last 50 pages change your mind in a good way?
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