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Amazon has become a mega book seller; the ebooks market is so slanted in their favor that it seems they call the shots on what prices should be, and they want to be the ones deciding this. Traditionally, publishers price books in regards to their market, as well as their personal marketing goals and plans. Recently, Hachette Publishers and Amazon have come to disagree about the conditions of selling their books on Amazon. And though their contract is not yet null, Amazon has begun tampering with the ability of customers to get books by disabling pre-orders of upcoming books and also delaying shipment of many Hachette books ordered by Amazon customers. Hachette books has no desire to step down, and authors and customers, too, are speaking up that they are unhappy with Amazon's actions. I agree with those who are unhappy: Amazon has become lord of the books online. Their treatment toward authors and publishers, who create the material Amazon books have survive on, has been disgusting. Who should Amazon be working for, themselves, or their customers and clients?
whhhatt?? Isn't it unethical for amazon to just take down books like that?
@happyrock still, it seems like theyre just trying to ensure they make huge profits without concern for those who write or read the books. and I mean BOTH companies
@onesmile Well, we don't know all the details about the business decisions happening either. Either way its not far to customers, but I wouldn't call it unethical.
seriously frustrated. we should boycott Amazon.
Ugh, the book industry makes me sp mad sometimes! It's bad enough that paper books were suffering for quite some time; can't Amazon consider its customer relations before trying to make an extra buck?