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Actress Lee So Yeon is struggling every week to become the most beautiful woman in the Joseon period. Lee is currently playing the role of Chun Hong, the most beautiful gisaeng in the Joseon period in MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin. Chun Hong is a spy who uses her beautiful face to seduce high ranking officials to steal classified information. On July 12, Lee Kim Production, Doctor Jin‘s production company, released some snapshots of Lee as Chun Hong checking her makeup in a beautiful hanbok. The fake hair she’s wearing is especially attracting a lot of attention because it seems beautiful yet very heavy. According to Lee Kim Production, the fake hair weighs two to three kilograms, so Lee struggles every time she wears it. Despite the fake hair’s weight, she always stays alluring and voluptuous and carefully checks accessories needed for the fake hair. In the latest episode, Chun Hong revealed that she is the only person who knows Jin Hyun (played by Song Seung Hun)’s identity and a secret about Young Rae (played by Park Min Young)’s identity. Source: TV Report via