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Backpackers Travel in Vietnam
player.vimeo.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
This video is the first in a series by 2 boys who spent 23 days backpacking in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. They captured many of the faces they met and the sights they say on film, and used that footage along with some interesting music to create this picture of Vietnam, as seen by these backpackers. The imagery is also so vivid, showing both a variety of colors but also of subjects. Though I've traveled quite a lot, both hiking and backpacking, this video encourages me to head out again. Maybe my next trip will take me to Vietnam.
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@peteryang292 @gabyrich youre welcome, glad you enjoyed. I definitely agree that traveling experiences arent just about the places but about the people. Some people hate meeting others while hiking, I love it.
@vivianvu no problem! It's a beautiful place. Have you been, or are you from there? I need advice on the best time of year to go there.
@happyrock this was so cool! If I ever have the opportunity to travel for an extended period of time I'd like to document it like these guys. I'm really glad they chose to highlight the people they encountered, like Peter said, its the people that make the place =)
@cityofkyle typically I like to document my travels just with my eyes, but I'm wondering if like them I should start recording more of it, either on film or in writing.