What to Wear: How to Choose Running Clothing

Originally considered a simple undergarment, the T-shirt remained for a long time, a garment that should not be on display in plain sight. However, the T-shirt has gained acclaim over the years to become a basic item of clothing that is now worn by all generations. Nevertheless, if it is true that the T-shirt has become a popular garment, it is clear that there are all kinds. So, it is not always easy to recognize a good T-shirt and it is even more difficult to associate it as it should in order to bring out its full potential. How do you recognize a good T-shirt?

How to choose the right T-shirt?

If it is true that the T-shirt is a garment of great simplicity, it still appears that certain criteria must be respected in order to choose it as it should.

The material of manufacture

It is clear that many people do not hesitate to wear a T-shirt in summer. In fact, the material of manufacture of the product is of great importance. Synthetic materials, for example, make you sweat and this is far from ideal during summer periods. Thus, we prefer to opt for a T-shirt made above all of the natural materials; For example the Front runners clothing. Among these natural materials, cotton is undoubtedly the most popular material. However, linen T-shirts are also popular, as they are particularly pleasant in hot weather. According to your means, you will be able to please yourself. Indeed, the more one goes up in range, the more one finds T-shirts made in different materials, even improbable.

The question of size

In order to choose a T-shirt with care, it is essential to select a product that is perfectly suited to your size and proportions. Here are some recommendations to follow when choosing the right t-shirt:

Ensure that the seams of the sleeves are positioned correctly over your shoulders;

 The sleeves of your T-shirt should stop at the level of your biceps and not beyond;  

The lines of the room must follow your flanks; 

 The neck should be slightly flared and reach just over the collarbone; 

The length of the T-shirt should end just below the waistband without shaping the stomach.

You should know that depending on the models of t-shirts, some differences may exist. For T-shirts with a V-neck, for example, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the collar is not too deep.


Choosing clothes is far from being a piece of cake for everyone. Indeed, according to the size and the morphology, the models of t-shirts available can vary greatly. It is not uncommon not to find clothing in your size when you are very tall or when you are a little coated. While it is true that creators have been trying to remedy this for a few years, this trend continues, however. Fortunately, there are a few brands that offer a plethora of choices for tall and strong people. This is the case of the Front runners brand which offers a variety of sizes.  

The price

A T-shirt is a product whose price changes depending on the situation. While it is true that classic t-shirts can be bought for a handful of dollars, it is not the same depending on whether it is a branded t-shirt or a model from Creator. Indeed, the more we go upmarket, the more the price of the T-shirt increases. Note, however, that the price also changes depending on the material of the t-shirt. It goes without saying that a designer T-shirt made entirely of yourself will cost more than a T-shirt bought around the corner and made of synthetic materials. Anyway, the T-shirt is a particularly affordable and accessible item of clothing.