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Dubbed “Wayang Orang Pelataran”, the participants included artists from the Wayang Orang Sriwedari group as well as students of vocational high school SMK 8 Solo and the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Surakarta. The play, called “Kumbakarna Labuh Nagara”, involved dozens of characters and told a story of the struggle of Kumbakarna for his homeland Alengka. Kumbakarna is a giant warrior and loyal follower of Rahwana, the king of Alengka - so much so that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the kingdom's glory. Three big stages and thousands of watts of lighting effects added an epic feel to the play. "It's a free-entry event so everyone can enjoy the show. We’re hopeful that this kind of event will be able to boost tourism in Surakarta," said Surakarta Tourism and Culture Agency head Eny Tyasni Suzanna.
Beautiful costumes! Are these performances usually accompanied with music?
@cityofkyle the music itself is very unique and traditional :)
@peteryang292 yes! definitely a must-see :)
@cityofkyle I hope so!
Looks like a very elaborate production! Love the costumes and stage decorations! Is this typical of traditional Indonesian entertainment and culture?