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Seated Hip Flexor and Extension - Chair Required
This move targets your hip flexor, abs, and thighs, all while sitting comfortably in your chair! "15 reps Sit tall on your chair, feet flat on the floor, hands grasping the sides of the chair, facing forward. Lift your right knee up (so your thigh is raised off of the chair) and extend your leg, toes pointing towards the ceiling. Bend at the knee and lower the thigh back down to complete one rep." Exhale as you lift and extend your leg and inhale as you bend and lower your leg. Repeat all reps on the right leg and then do this exercise on your left side."
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I actually do these on the bus. I might look crazy but it keeps by hip joint warmed up all day.
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@pipeline I feel like you'd be able to do this discreetly :) Good for you!
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I do this move at my desk sometimes when my legs feel jumpy. It helps calm my legs down AND lets me focus on work again.
3 years ago·Reply
@nokcha I find that when I dont work my legs enough during the day I get restless legs at night,, its a good idea to do moves like this throughout your day!
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