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The Picos de Europa ("Peaks of Europe") are relatively unknown in America—and that's a pity. The mountain range, located just a few miles from Spain's northern coast, occupies less land than New York City yet contains some of the most rugged terrain on the Iberian Peninsula. The rocky limestone peaks and tiny villages below them are as breathtaking as anything you might find in the Alps, Dolomites or Pyrenees. The grandest mountain in the Picos, Naranjo de Bulnes, is an 8,264-foot-tall monster with vertical stone walls, tempting only for experienced rock-climbers. Surrounding it is a well-marked network of less-intimidating trails; travelers can easily spend weeks trekking from one quaint hamlet to the next. Has anyone seen these incredible mountains?
@cityofkyle I would love to be able to climb the 7 peaks, but Mt Everest is on that list so I think it's a no-go. Lol. This looks beautiful, but I think Machu Picchu is next on my list.
Oh my gosh the town in the 2nd photo is so gorgeous!
@dillonk maybe you can add these mountains to Mt. Kilimanjaro ;-) Gaby, these mountains are majestic!
@nokcha I bet it's untouched by tourism because it's so isolated too!
@peteryang292 I have never heard of this mountain range! Nature never ceases to impress me, those mountains look incredible!