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"Fok El-Nakhel (فوق النخل)" is a very famous Arabic song originally from Iraq. Some very famous Arabic singers have covered the song to various degrees and in different styles, including Nazem al-Ghazali, Sabah Fakhri, Ilham al-Madfai, Kazem el-Saher and many others. The story the lyrics tell is that of a poor young man who is in love with a girl that belongs to a rich family. He meets her as she stands on her family's large balcony of their home, where they frequently go to exchange glances. The chorus goes: I've got a friend above I don't know if that's the shine of your cheek or a shine above (ie the moon) I swear I don't even want her It's ruining me/It's causing me a problem فوق إلنا خل فوق يابا فوق النا خل فوق مدري لامع خدك يابا مدري لامع فوق ولله ما ريده باليني بلوة
This was great! Thanks fro posting Gaby! I agree with Kyle, definitely a fun song, and the audience loves it! I love how "into" the song the musicians even are!
@gabyrich this was SO GOOD! I've definitely heard Fok El Nakhel before, but not like this! This was an incredible cover, and the way they were able to include latin-style trumpets and horns is amazing! You can tell that this is a popular song just by the audience's reaction with dancing and screaming! Love it, I feel like I belong in the Middle East