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Ombre hair started getting big in the Celebrity and fashion world as early as 2010, but the real influx of this hairstyle came in 2013. This year, the trend is continuing, but people are looking for ways to differentiate their ombre from everyone else's. The word "ombre" actual came from a French word, meaning "shading" and thus represents the way that the hair fades from one color to another (or two) down its length. The most traditional of ombres seems to be brown on top and fade to a golden or white blonde at the bottom. The process can be really damaging to hair, so if you have fine or already damaged hair, you may want to let it recover before bleaching again. But, if you're ready to take a risk, why not try a pastel ombre? The procedure of getting it done is basically the same as a more subtle ombre (and I really recommend going to a salon to avoid any potential mishaps! At the very least, get the initial bleach and toning done at a salon!). The key steps to loving your ombre: 1) Decide what color you want to fade from, and to. If you're using your natural hair color, and your hair is dark, go to a salon to get the bottom bleached into a nice, blonde ombre. 2) If you want the top color to be something other than your natural hair color, dye, or have your hair dyed professionally, to the color you want your ombre to start with. Give your hair time to recover before continuing the ombre process. 2) If your hair is blonde, or you have already got the ends lightened to blonde or white, choose a color, and look up some dyes for that color. Find a dye in your price range that will work with your hair type. 3) With a friends help, or at a salon, apply the dye heavily to the bottom of your hair, and more lightly towards the middle of your hair. 4) Used gloved hands to massage the dye slightly farther up your hair. This will prevent your ombre from having that awful straight line of dye across it. 5) Make sure to have the dye reach a spot that will look nice with the already bleached bottoms if your hair is dark. 6) Wait for the allotted amount of time, and then rinse and dry, and check out your ombre! Check out the images from above for some pastel ombre examples, and maybe give it a try next time! If you prefer video tutorials, I've included one on slide 4 that I found very informative for how to apply your own color after lightening the bottom of your hair.
@onesmile i have noticed you posting about ombre hair!~ are you also considering to go ombre?? i was considering it a while back but because i have to go to the office so i am not able to walk around with ombre hair anymore but i think you should totally try it while you can!
@lillyann yeah Ive always thought it looks so pretty, but I want to try a color ombre so I'm not sure about it! because if I do it it might not look professional if I go anywhere nice hahahaha