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Anna Stupak

Anna Stupak conquered the USA with her appearance at the age of 37 and this is just the beginning - the whole world is ahead!

A solid age for the fashion industry does not prevent Anna from being in demand both in the work and in the personal sphere.

37-year-old Anna Stupak was born in Russia, but now lives and works in the United States. She specializes in showcasing underwear and swimwear Anya admits that, despite her age, the model has a lot of fans much younger than her. The main thing here is not the numbers, but the appearance, the woman believes

According to Anya, anyone will prefer any beauty to a young girl who has launched herself. But she also does not advise starving yourself — there is nothing more important than health

The model admitted that she used to eat pills for weight loss instead of food, but everything almost ended in failure. Moving to Florida, USA, helped her understand that girls with curves are in fashion

To do this, Anya advises an hour a day to engage in any outdoor activity — yoga, crossfit or walking. The main thing is regularity and purposefulness