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I came across this comic today, and while it made me laugh (guilt of being called a hipster as well, hipster Kindle, don't feel bad) it also got me thinking: what do I prefer? I always thought that I prefer to read a solid copy of the book: there's just something wonderful about carrying it along with you, like a friend, from the library to the park to your couch while you embark on learning its message. I've always slighted ebooks as being lesser; something lacking, that something being tangible pages. But now that I've moved out and gone to college, I've realized that I can't always have my favorite books when me with their real books. They're heavy, hard to move long distances, and you don't always have the space. It's because of this dilemma, I suspect, that e-books were first developed, and why I have begun to like (see, like, not love) them. There's still something great about going to the library and taking out a hard copy of a book. But on some cold, rainy days, I prefer to hop online and borrow an e-book. I can still partake in some literary magic; I just don't have to get wet. What do you prefer? E-books, real books, or both?
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yupp real book is still the winner for me. maybe im just too mellow but it has the feeling. ok..keep buying the real books :)
@moya23 its definitely worth continuing to buy the real book! I think I'm the same amount of mellow :) plus we want to keep our bookstores alive!
@moya23 @timeturnerjones i am totally with you guys on this one! i always prefer real books more than ebooks and wow i love what you said! "my youth live inside my books not inside a hard drive" i think i just enjoy flipping the pages and i might be a little tiny bit obsess with the smell of books hahha
@ameliasantos10 yeah, I love the smell and the sense touching the pages.
@moya23 i must admit that when i go to a book store i usually just flip through the pages and i just love it! haha even though i have ibook on my phone but it just feels so different reading on my iphone and reading the actual pages!~