What Hair Straighteners Are Safe For You to Use

Hair straighteners are an essential part of women's beauty kit. They can be used for different purposes and they are a great way to style your hair. They are available in different brands and styles and are often very expensive too. However, you don't need to spend a fortune on buying them because there are several ways you can find cheap hair straighteners. Read on to find out more about the various options you have.

A hair straightener or hair straightening iron is a mechanical tool used in styling the hair by changing the chemical makeup of the hair. There are generally three types: ceramic rods, tourmaline based rods, and tourmaline ionic straighteners. These are easily available at your local stores. They are also available online and from specialty stores. One thing you need to remember when buying straighteners is that there is more than one kind available out there. So, it would be better if you have a fair knowledge of the different types.

Ceramic hair straighteners are popular as they are cheap and usually safe to use. However, they can be quite dangerous especially when they are heated. Some of the common problems caused by these are hair damage, heat styling tools damaging the hair, and sometimes even burning off the hair. So, make sure you handle these with care.

Be very careful when buying hair straighteners because some of them may contain high levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that can cause severe respiratory problems, skin irritations, and other health problems. Also, some products use formaldehyde as an ingredient but in smaller doses. The FDA does not strictly regulate the level of formaldehyde contained in different products so you need to look out for the product label.

Ceramic heat styling tools contain a small amount of heat and that is why they can be used safely. But, you cannot put straightening irons on wet hair. So, you need to take precaution when using this product. If you want to use hair straighteners, then you should first put a small amount of heat on the ceramic plates and then keep the iron away until the heat has dried up.

Ironing products such as hair straighteners also contain a high level of heat. So, you should take care while using them. When buying ironing tools, it is better to go for good quality products that are designed for home use. Some of the popular brands available are: KKD, Pantene, Smartology, and Farouk CHI-Professional. In fact, you can buy good quality flat irons and curling iron at discounted prices just by shopping online!

Flat irons consist of two plates that are heated. These plates pass through ceramic material on the outside that absorbs the heat and stores it in the metal. Hair straighteners work on the same principle. The only difference between ceramic plates and irons is that hair straighteners work on heating up the plates and transferring the heat into the hair, whereas irons transfer the heat into the hair straightener itself.

Hair straighteners are known to cause allergic reactions like skin rashes, headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, headache, chest pain, dizziness and mouth ulcers. Such reactions can be reduced by diluting the chemicals contained in hair-straightening products with water. Moreover, chemicals used in hair straightening are carcinogenic, which means that continuous use of these products can increase your risk of developing cancer. Therefore, do not expose your health to hairstyling chemical compounds by using them at your beauty salon.

If you visit a beauty salon, you might find hair stylists using Styler A (low-formaldehyde-based straighteners) or Styler B (a high-formaldehyde-based straightener). According to cosmetic industry experts, both of these kinds of products are harmful to your health. Stylers A and B both contain high levels of formaldehyde, which is a chemical that is carcinogenic. Moreover, some of the other dangerous ingredients that are commonly found in hair straighteners include sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium thioglycolate, glycerol and lanolin. All of these ingredients are carcinogenic and cause cell damage in the human body. Therefore, avoid buying hair straighteners from your salon.

When selecting hair straighteners, it is important for you to choose a product that offers you the best protection against heat and chemicals. Ceramic and titanium straighteners are safe enough to use even when you have hair types that are prone to dizziness. However, you should make sure that the product that you buy does not contain any harmful substances.

Hair salon owners and stylists are aware of the fact that they cannot advertise their products as 100% safe since the FDA does not approve the claims that they make. However, there are other sources that can help you find out whether a particular hair straightener is safe or not. For example, you can ask your dermatologist or beauty store employee who should be able to give you reliable information about the safety of a particular brand.